Wednesday, October 1, 2008

He Who Ended Malaysia's Olympic Dream

This is StarWorld Hotel & Casino in Macau. It's the "Winner's Choice", so all you Losers, you gotta bugger off =P

The message is clear...if you choose anywhere else, you're a Loser!

This is the lobby, spacious and welcoming. Casino is upstairs on the left.

Beautiful ladies posing at the lobby. I've got no idea what they're doing there. Maybe to welcome the Winners?

Oooooh...the Chinese 2008 Beijing Olympic Athletes stayed here. China had 639 athletes in the Games, they would fill up the whole hotel.

Now we know why it's Winner's Choice. Only the Gold Medal Winners get to stay at StarWorld!!!

There...that's the man that ended the Malaysian Badminton Gold Medal dreams in Beijing. The superbly fit, quite handsome (according to some gals & guys) and ever cocky Lin Dan.

Source :

Yup, the smile of a Winner.

According to Lin Dan's Wiki, his nickname is Super Dan =P...He even have his own blog, but it's all in Chinese so I've got no idea what's there. However, there are some pics of Lin Dan looking all glam up.

Below are super cute pics.

Source :

These pics I believe are of Baby Lin Dan. Again, I can't read Chinese so I don't know whether it's really him. It's from his official website so I think I'm right =) Can't believe Lin Dan was such a cute baby! So chubby and wrapped like a dumpling =P

Okay, I feel bad focusing so much on China's Lin Dan coz he did take the Gold from us. So I'm going to balance it out with a little of our own Datuk Lee Chong Wei. In case you're wondering, Datuk does have his own Lee Chong Wei wiki =)

Datuk training really hard...

The Silver Medal from Beijing

Datuk in his younger days.

Lee Chong Wei with girlfriend Wong Mew Choo.

Source :

Datuk Lee Chong Wei has his own blog as well. The funny thing I found bout this blog is, Chong Wei has a stalker. Stalking his blog. Lolz. See it here. It's damn funny. You'll know which one is the crazy/funny/nothing-better-to-do stalker once you read it.

Hopefully Malaysia will succeed in getting the elusive Gold in London 2012.

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