Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a meal

Mum wanted to have her favourite sandwich today so we head over to Angela's Cafe in the city. They serve really huge sandwiches that could feed two person nicely. Today we wanted to make our own sandwich and chose a giant croissant with smoked salmon, tuna mayo, cheese, tomatoes, guacamole, onions and radishes. Best of all, the sandwiches all comes with chips =) Since the sandwich is such a healthy meal, a little chips won't hurt =P

Delicious sandwich which is too big to eat by one person

See how it's stuffed!

Angela's Cafe is located inside a shopping mall and the area is pretty small. Most of the time there's a line waiting to be seated. The food is good but service could be improved...by a mile. The waitresses looks like sourgrapes, they sometimes ignore you, forgets your bill and walks really slow. The chefs that makes the sandwiches are too slow as well. Seriously, if it's not for the generous portion of sandwich, I wouldn't choose to eat there.

Another bad experience today was at this so called Singaporean restaurant called Star Hub Cafe. Don't ever eat there. I'm serious. It's a total disappointment. If this is how Singapore food taste like, then I feel sorry for all those people living in Singapore who has to eat it. I have nothing good to say about the place, the food or even the service. Never going back there again. Maybe it's just me because there are many other people eating there. Eric said it's because they are the only restaurant in the Macau island serving such food. "Such food" thus referring to nasi lemak, prawn noodle, bak kut teh and the works....they even have fish head curry. I shudder to think how that taste like.

You've been warned

The menu and table clothes makes you feel "Uniquely Singapore"

Need I say more?

Got chendol somemore

Eric's Satay fried rice...the rice is edible...satay is negligible
This is mine...The Star Hub Laksa...if you want coconut soup with noodles, then by all means order this.
Mum ordered Lemongrass pork chop...we all agree that even dogs will give this a pass. The meat is so freaking tough you can hurt someone with it.

This is the biggest disappointment of all. Can you believe this is a Chendol? I don't know which part resembles a chendol actually. When I tried looking for the green pandan chendol which I love back home, it's no where in sight. All I could find were red beans, atapchi and cincau 0_o. How is it a chendol without the green stuffs? We then asked the waitress whether they gave us the wrong thing...guess what she said "This is chendol...just that it doesn't look like the picture in the menu" Excuse me, but it's totally a different thing from the pic(see pic above) -_- I don't know whether they are ignorant or just bloody do not care. And the white water in the glass...well...try to imagine drinking santan water made from pre-pack dry santan in the supermarket. Yucks!

If you're ever in Macau, this is not the place to get a meal. If anyone ever tells me that they find the food there tasty and delicious, I would strongly recommend that they have their tastebuds (and head) checked. Enough rantings about this place. Can't stand it. Difinitely my first and last visit there.

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