Monday, March 15, 2010

It's good to be back

...but I've been eating too much (sigh...putting on weight again) and sleeping too little!

Eric seems to want to eat everything in sight and I can't even remember being hungry since we stepped foot on Malaysian soil.
Had been out and about (eating!!!) and at the same time ferrying Eric to work while we sort out logistics issues.
I've also been busy with interviews for jobs and soon I'll not be bumming more sleeping till more FBing the whole more shopping on weekdays....but it's all good.
I can't wait to work again =D
I know I sound kinda crazy and many of you would gladly knock me on the head with your laptop...but seriously, after being a bum for almost 2 years, the boredom is getting to me.
Before you say it...the baby will come when it comes okay...I'm not even 30 yet...still got time lar ;P

Talking about starting work...I should really get my lazy ass moving and sort out our closet.
I am in serious need of a HUGE walk in closet.
I have loads of clothes. So does Eric.
Lol...most of his clothes are still in bags we brought home from Macau =P
Stuffs are everywhere and they're getting in the way.
And more will be heading our way soon as friends and Eric's sis help bring more of our stuffs back!
OMG...where to put everything lar O_o

Aiyoh...and the library is still in a mess =(
My goal for the next 2 weeks would be to sort out our closet and library.
I'll do it even if it means not cooking or farming for a day *gulp*
I will do it...I will do it...I WILL DO IT!!!

Now...another countdown begins =D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tchau Macau...

This will be our last day in Macau and tomorrow we'll be touching down in Malaysia Truly Asia =)
Yes, Eric and I are moving back to KL.
For good...that is...until Eric gets another career opportunity overseas.
This move home happened in a flash...just like that time when he told me he got a job in Macau.
Eric was offered a position with a new hotel opening in April smack right in the center of KL city.
I'm sure it's gonna take him some time to get use to the traffic madness after spending years in relatively jam-free Macau. time flies...we've been in Macau for slightly more than 2 years and this little enclave has become a 2nd home to me.
I'm going to miss the friends we made here...especially Nicolette my gossip and drinks buddy.
Definitely will miss the yummy siew yoke (roasted pork) rice from the aunty's shop down the street *drool*
And also the cheap massages, mani and pedi, food and shopping in Zhuhai.
Not forgetting my fav bubble milk tea =(
Totally appreciate the wonderful and affortable public transportation around the islands.
Oh...I will miss the beautiful casinos too especially their complimentary drinks and also the use of their well equiped and clean washrooms =P 

It's bittersweet to leave Macau but the memories are going to come home with me to KL.
I'm happy that we're going home and we'll definitely be back in Macau to visit friends and lady luck =)

So this is it...tchau Macau!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jin Yuan Restaurant @ Charming Hotel, Zhuhai

A few nights back Eric and I were in Zhuhai to have dinner with his colleague.
Charming Hotel is located right outside the Gongbei Bordergate...once you get out of the China immigration, you'll see the hotel on the left.
Take the elevator up to Jin Yuan Restaurant.

Appetizer tasted like pig's stomach soup. The lotus roots has a nice bite to it and it's yummy.

First time I'm trying a corn drink. It's hot and tasted like well...corn. The texture is smooth and not too thick which is quite nice.

One fish for each person at the table...

...'cause the fish is only as big as my bowl

Mantis prawn with lots of fried garlic

Mui choy kau yuk (pork belly with mushy vege)

One crab per person too as it's only as big as my fist.

Not much meat but lots of eggs in the crab and it's yellow. Normally I don't eat crab eggs but this one is pretty yummy.

Looks like normal stir fry vege but the secret's fried using pork oil =P This is how a healthy dish become super sinful.

Deep fried carrot cake stuffed with meat dessert which was too chewy for my liking.

Mango pudding with evaporated milk. Me likey mango =)

Deep fried durian ball turned out pretty good. The skin was oily but the durian filling has a creamy bitter after taste.

Recently, Eric's sister was in Macau and she was craving for some exotic dish.
We went searching for the shop and found it near St. Paul's Ruin.

It's a tiny shop with just a few tables and that's the chef in the one man kitchen.

Guess what's in this bowl of dark starchy soup?

This is snake meat soup =D
The taste of ginger overwhelmed my tastebuds and it made me wonder if it's to mask some weird smell of snake meat. The snake meat itself didn't taste weird ('cause all I could taste and smell was the ginger lar) but the texture was extremely rough and dry. Kinda like overnight chilled old chicken breast meat. If you're in Macau and feel like having some snake for snack time...this is the place.

Meet Goofy the toy Poodle. He's so cute isn't he? Goofy is Joe's doggy and we met him when Joe invited us over to his house for dinner last night.

So much food for just 5 people. I almost fell asleep on the couch after dinner...

Goofy joined Eric and I on the couch and took a liking to Eric's hand...*lick lick lick*

He even held on to Eric's thumb to to keep it cute <3

And more cuteness....
Braxton at 5 months old! He's so heavy already and so friendly*hugs*

The weather in Macau is super depressing.
Cold and wet the whole day =(
Will be super duper busy for the next few days and the I shall be in shorts again!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


ME...that's who!

No idea why but I've been getting myself into stupid situations lately.
I've fell down twice on my knees in 1 week and now I have horrible bruises to show for it.
Maybe I've been gaining too much weight too rapidly and lost my balance.
I've got a bruise on my arm and I've got no idea how it came about.

The temperature in Macau is falling ridiculously fast.
It was mid 20s yesterday and now it's about 14 degrees.
What's up man?
I've already washed all our winter stuffs and packed them away =(

So anyways, I had to go to the shop to buy some stuffs and throw trash into the rubbish bin which is located bout 500m away (yes, no rubbish bin for our super duper old apartment ok).
But the only thing on my mind was the bubble milk tea I'm going to get from Donago.
God...I love the bubble milk tea in Macau...none in Malaysia could even come close to the ones we get here.
I went to the shop, bought what I needed, grabbed a cup of bubble milk tea and happily made my way home chewing on the bubbles.
When I reached home...I realized I forgot to take the trash out -_-
I'll just go tomorrow lar...I don't want to climb 4 flights of stairs and walk 500m(one way!) just to get rid of trash.
I'm just lazy and it's freaking cold outside okay.
My not so skinny ass prefers to be indoors.

Oh...and I've been encountering weirdos again....sigh
And of all places, in the casino.
You would've think that weirdos doesn't go to such places and they wouldn't try anything stupid 'cause there's camera everywhere except the washrooms.
Not too mention the amount of security guards keeping an eye on things on the floor.
Just my luck...I met two.
Can't a gal have peace playing the slot machine huh?
I was happily pressing the button hoping to hit the jackpot when these two dudes came up next to me and stood really really close.
I hate it when strangers or people I don't like do that...haven't they heard of such a thing as 'personal space'?
Immediately I felt damn uncomfortable and weirdo alert warning bells started going off in my head.
I've bumped into too many weirdos and I could spot them easily lar.

Anyways, they started to talk to me in Mandarin which I understood of course.
But I just stared at them trying to indicate to them I don't speak Mandarin and hopefully they leave me alone after that.
I find that this trick works with less persistent weirdos but obviously these two had the persistence genes in them.
They kept pestering me in Mandarin asking me how to play the slot.
Hello???!!! Just fucking feed money into the machine and press the button.
When I continued to ignore them, they started to speak to me in Cantonese.
Now they are curious about my nationality.
And then they actually asked me in English!
Lol...and I still ignored them.
Finally one of the slot attendance auntie saw my distress and came to me rescue.
I whispered to her in Cantonese that the two guys needed help with the slot and I tried to make my escape.
I then overheard the conversation between auntie and the weirdos as I was cashing out my money from the machine...

The conversation was in Mandarin.

Auntie : What you want?
Weirdos : We were asking her to teach us how to play this game.
Auntie : You don't have to ask her. I can teach you.
Weirdos : Where is she from?
Auntie : Come, I teach you how to play.
Weirdos : Where is she from?
Auntie : It's none of your business where she is from!!!
Weirdos : We want to know where she is from only mar...

Lol....I left right after that so I don't know what happened next.
That is the only time I appreciate how rude those aunties can be =P
Serves those weirdos right...but as I look back at the whole thing again, it's kinda funny.
I was in no danger of course since the casino was pretty packed and security is tight.
Just that I don't like weirdos.
I'm a friendly person...truly I am =)
Just don't approach me in such a creepy way...actually, I'm sure no gals would appreciate such a move.

Is it just me or do you gals attract weirdos too?
Maybe I just have a sign on my forehead inviting them to say 'Hi' -_-

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mezza9 @ Hyatt Macau

Macau is humid, misty and foggy at this moment.
Tiles in the house has water drops on them...don't be surprised if you find puddles of water on the floor.
Stairs are wet from the humidity.
Same for the windows.
No rain.
The problem with such humidity is MOLD!!!
They're starting their invasion =(

Anyways, had been busy these past few days.
Eating too much yummy food and piling on the weight.
And I've yet to lose the weight I gained in Sitiawan...sigh

Celebrated Chad's birthday at Mezza9 at the new Grand Hyatt yesterday.
The restaurant has a nice ambiance and it reminds me alot of Rossio.
We had a table tucked between the open kitchen which provided a clear view of chefs cooking. 

Mezza9 serves Macanese, grill, sushi & sashimi with a cellar and bar too. 

I was entranced with the shiny balls hanging above our table.

Assorted sushi & sashimi platter to the melt-in-your-mouth toro (tuna belly)

Raw sweet prawn with fish roe

Crab cake
Mixed seafood platter with lobster, oyster, scallops, tuna, prawns and some fish.
Mixed grill with lamb, beef, chicken and sausage
Red and white wine for me
Beautiful pool just outside the restaurant.

Birthday boy blowing out his candle.

Bailey's souffle with ice cream...yummilicious

More desserts =)

I was the only person on our table who wasn't a chef.
So obviously the topic of the night is about the melon is oh so sweet and they had to find out where mezza9 got them from.
About the texture of sushi  rice, the tuna sashimi, the sauce, the get the drift.
While the chefs went on and on about the food and kitchen...I was happily stuffing myself with food =P
The best thing about eating with get to try all the yummy stuffs! doesn't hurt that they know the Mezza9 chefs too =)

Had a great time last night and it continues tonight.
Will be heading to Rossio for dinner which no doubt I'll stuff myself silly again. pampered my tummy is...
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