Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Opps...I Did It Again

Since I'll be jumping into my darling's arms tomorrow, I thought I'll give him a surprise.
(unless he reads my blog 1st then the surprise failed lar)

I went and got my hair cut.
Even SHORTER this time!!!

I did it in Kimarie Taipan since they're still having the RM25 Senior Stylist promo on.
Super damn worth the money lar.
Imagine, you get a hair wash, then they cut it for you.
Finally, even blow & style it.
I hope this promo goes on forever 'cause I discovered my fav hair saloon in Taipan =)

This is how short my hair is at the moment. Do you think it looks as good as I think it is?

It slopes at the side and the back is super short as well.

Melaine said I'm super brave for cutting it so short.
Pei Ann likes how it slopes at the sides.
The hairstylist said hard to find gals who wants to try something new.
Mum doesn't have any good comments for it.
I like it.
Update : Davin says I look naked -_-

Now...let's see how Eric feels about his wife sporting a super super short bob.
Update : Eric says he loves me, not what hairstyle I it doesn't matter if it's long or short. Isn't he just the sweetest?

Anyone thinking of getting a haircut for very reasonable price, Kimarie Taipan is the place to go.

Kimarie Taipan is located just a few shops away from Starbucks.

35 Jalan USJ 10/1D, Taipan Triangle
UEP Subang Jaya, 47620 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5632 8000 Fax: 03-5632 7000

RNC Buffet Steamboat @ Sunway Mentari

This is probably the last time I'm hanging out with friends before I leave Subang.
It was decided that dinner would be at RNC Buffet Steamboat at Sunway Mentari.
It's just next to the Belly Good Restaurant I visited not too long ago.

I went to Sunway earlier and met up with Joverse at her office which was just a stone's throw away from RNC.
We then headed for the empty restaurant to wait for the rest of the gals to arrive.
On hind side, we need not make any reservations at all.
The place was pretty empty till we left at about 9pm.

Empty restaurant.

Ready to eat food. There's fried mee hoon & rice. Sausages, curry chicken and chicken wings.

I only tried 3 of those dishes. The chicken wings are the fav on our table.

All items are refrigerated. We were the first customers of the night so everything is still covered.

Many different kinds of noodles to choose from.

Marinated meat, satay, chicken and fish for barbeque.

Fishes & meat for steamboat.

Many different kinds of clams waiting in ice.

Love the corn. The black fungus is creepy.

Balls...balls....and more balls!

Free flow of orange cordial drinks or Chinese tea.

We started with Herbal & Tom Yum soup.

Nope...the Herbal soup didn't morph into that milky white soup. We actually requested to change the Herbal soup into the very famous Cheese soup. Yup...Cheese.

It's definitely an experience having a Cheese steamboat.
The taste is milky and salty at the same time.
We weren't sure what to put into the soup so that it wouldn't taste weird.
In the end, I even cooked "yee mee" and egg in it =P
It did taste kinda weird.

What was a let down was the lack of mushrooms.
I always have heaps of golden needle mushrooms with my steamboat.
Not as if it's that expensive to buy those mushrooms.
I won't consider going back again unless they serve my favourite mushrooms!

Oh...and they should serve chocolate flavoured ice cream.
Even if it's cheap ice-cream, chocolate is a must-have.

Since there are so many steamboat restaurants in Sunway itself, no doubt the competition is tough.
Prices are really reasonable at about RM20 per pax at whichever restaurant you choose.
We'll probably try another steamboat restaurant the next time.
The one next door seems to be packed.
Wonder what's special there.
Hopefully not another cheese steamboat.

After stuffing ourselves with too much food, we headed to Pyramid.
Amanda, Regina & I ended up in Republic for drinks.
Non-alcoholic juices.
Man...are getting old or what?

Visit RNC Buffet Steamboat website
here for more info.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lorong Seratus Tahun @ Taipan,USJ

As restaurants sprouts like mushrooms and then wilts away with time, Mum & I always give them a try to satisfy our curiosity. And then to predict when they'll just...wilt away.

Lorong Seratus Tahun got some pretty good
reviews in the papers recently, so we just have to give it a try.

It has a pretty nice decor which is inviting and clean. We were there right before dinner time so it was pretty empty.

The curry noodles that tasted like prawn noodles. Maybe it has a personality disorder and came out as prawn noodles disguised as curry noodles. At least it came with a generous helpings of cockles and "yau yue"(squid).

Looks like "char kuey teow" doesn't it? Well, it's actually "char toon hoon". I like this dish. It's fried just nice. Not too wet or too dry. Doesn't hurt that it has lots of cockles =) Don't worry...I've gotten my Hepatitis jab a long time ago.
What was most interesting is my drink. Behold the Nescafe + Milo Ice. Taste bitterly Nescafe but with the sweet after taste of Milo. I think it's a creative combination. Just that this glass was a big disappointment. It was too thin and not flavourful. Seems like this restaurant is stingy when it comes to serving a good drink.

So, the verdict is....we won't be going back to Lorong Seratus Tahun anytime soon.
The food is so-so only.
The drink is bad.
Price is on par with other modern Kopitiams.
What can I say...nothing special can be found at this Lorong.

Cross stitch : ABC Baby Afghan Update 4


Small Snail slowly making it's way...

"T" for Tracy =D

"U" was done pretty quickly.

Another butterfly to pretty up the afghan.

"V" for Victory!

Super cute and blue Whale =)

"X" marks the spot. I know...the green is getting boring -_-

Mum commented that the "Y" is too simple.

Everyone loves the cutesy Zebra. He has the best colour!

Nice colour combination when you look at all the alphabets together =)

This is the afghan I've spent so much time stitching. Have not washed or iron it out. Still have a little finishing touches to be done before it can be used.

I actually finished stitching the baby afghan some time back but was too lazy to post pics.
It feels so good to see all the beautiful & colourful alphabets.

Now, all I have to do is to buy a backing cloth to cover up the back as to not scratch the baby when it's being used in the future.

I doubt I'll be able to get it done before I leave in a few days time.
Will keep the afghan safe and get it done on my next trip back.

The baby afghan is so pretty...I can't stop admiring it =)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Night of Princess Wishes

Tonight, I brought Mum to watch the Disney on Ice : Princess Wishes show that is being held at Bukit Jalil Stadium as we were lucky enough to get a couple of complementary tickets.

We took the Kesas from USJ and the traffic was pretty bad at the Sri Petaling Carrefour turning into the stadium.

Finally, we managed to get into the parking area and I was overjoyed when I saw there was ample parking spaces.

The stadium looks like a spaceship from afar.

We then excitedly headed towards the crowd.
Ohh...what a sight it was with so many people crowding around the entrance.
I was surprised there were so many adults and teenagers.
Some even wearing lighted devil horns.
Devil horns at a Disney show?

It's for the A-Mei concert -_-
Coincidentally being held on the same night.

We then had to walk quite a distance to the small stadium where the Disney show is staged.
Needless to say, it was anti-climatic after seeing the hype at A-Mei's side.

What pissed me off was the lack of signage to point people in the right direction.
The least the organisers could have done was to inform which parking is designated for which concert to save us the confusion and long walk.

The ice rink looks pretty small doesn't it? Not too impressed with it. Not impressed at all with the stadium.

By the time the lights went down for the show to begin, half the seat in the stadium were still empty.

The waterfall backdrop actually changes with every story that's being told. In the Cinderella tale, it became a castle. This one, I'm impressed!

Eleen & me quickly snapping a pic before showtime.

Mickey & Minnie making an entrance to start the show.

Pic of a camel on ice from the 1st Princess Wishes of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

F&N Magnolia was a sponsor for the Disney show. Too bad I didn't have an ice-cream =(

Princess wishes is a great show.
Even Mum enjoyed it.

There were some really entertaining parts such as the stunts in Aladdin and Little Mermaid.
The funny way "Candlestick" was skating around in Beauty & the Beast =P
"Flounder" with legs and flapping fins was super cute in Little Mermaid as well.
What caught everyone's attention was the fire breathing dragon in Sleeping Beauty.
There was literally "fire on ice" =P

The most boring Princess wishes was probably Mulan.
When it was being told, I kept wishing it would just end.

The one I love most...hands down is Cinderella.
When she came out in her golden carriage, I had tears in my eyes.
The music, the prince, the love...
Every girl, deep down in their hearts, wishes she's Cinderella.

Sadly, the only song I really know during the show is A Whole New World from Aladdin.
All the other songs, I'm not familiar with at all.
I wish they've used Beauty & The Beast song instead of Be My Guest.
At least then I would've known two songs instead only one.

I'm sure the show would have been a much more enjoyable experience if it was being held at a better venue.
With more comfortable chairs.
Better ventilation & lighting.
And a bigger ice rink.

Nevertheless, I had a great time!
Nothing is better than to lose yourself in the magical land of fairy tales.

Especially in this crazy world we live in.

The Star have a pretty detailed review of the Disney on Ice : Princess Wishes show.
Read the review here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Canton-i @ Sunway Pyramid

After countless visits to Dragon-i for "xioa long pao", we finally made our way to Canton-i.
It looks more like a cafe than a restaurant from the outside.

I like the simple but attractive utensils being used.

The space is a little small and I think the tables are being placed to close to each other for comfort. Would have preferred not to share my conversations with strangers.

There's even birdcages hanging around as deco. Like a high class kopitiam.

My coffee & milk tea "ying yong" is delicious. Totally worth it's price of RM5.50 for such a big glass.

Dry tossed wonton noodles at RM4 per plate. It's a little pricey but the noodles are smooth and fragrant. Portion is pretty reasonable as well as me and Mum shared one plate.

Prawn wonton in soup for RM11.80
You get 6 delicious prawn wonton which I enjoyed.

This is Mum's favourite. Stewed Pork Knuckle in Red Bean Curd at RM13.00
I like it too. The pork is super tender and yummy. Comes with braised groundnuts too!
Salted Egg Yolk Layers Cake at RM6 for 2 pieces.
I didn't fancy this but Mum liked it.

Canton-i's menu mostly consist of wonton noodles, roasted meat, congee and dim sum.
Which in my opinion is a little on the pricey side.
Even a glass of Chinese tea is going for RM5 per pax.
Almost choked when I saw that.
I much much prefer Dragon-i than Canton-i.
Maybe I'm bias...I crave "xiao long bao" and Dragon-i has the best one in town.

Visit Canton-i at
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