Monday, February 16, 2009

Cross stitch : ABC Baby Afghan Update 3

ABC Baby Afghan Update 2
ABC Baby Afghan Update 1

My arm is now feeling numb from stitching too much.
And I think I'm falling sick =(

Pics colours are not really nice as I took them in my room at night with the lights on.
Hence the shadows.

"L" for sweet love <3

Cute little shy Mouse for "M".

"N" is just green.

A purple Owl perching on an "O"

"P" for Piggy

I think the "Q" turn out pretty nice in purple.

And a simple pink "R"

I'm currently working on the alphabet "S".
If I'm not too sick tomorrow, perhaps I'll be able to finish "S" and move on to the next alphabet.

I need some cuddles.
Maybe it is love sick.


Baby said...

where's the final photo of this?

Tracy said...

It's coming. Just been too lazy to post =P

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