Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine

Every year when Valentine’s Day draws near, you can feel all the lovey doveyness in the air.

Hearts, roses and diamonds…what’s not to love on Valentines?

Every Valentine’s Day, Eric is up early to make sure everything is in order.
It’s a very very important day of course.
Everything must be perfect for this day.
Every gal loves nibbling on delicious food while gazing into their lovers eyes.
So do I.

How lucky am I to have a husband who could whip up a romantic dinner all by himself?
Nothing is sexier than a man in the kitchen.
Wait..there is actually…
What’s sexier… is a man in the kitchen wearing only an apron ;P

The truth is, I haven’t had a Valentine’s dinner on February 14 for the past 5 years.
It’s not because I was single for all those years mind you.
It’s ‘cause my darling was busy cooking a romantic dinner for those lucky couples celebrating Valentine’s.
That’s what it’s like being with a Chef.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re thousands of miles apart.
He’ll be cooking a wonderful dinner I’m sure, while I’ll be home watching some sappy love story on tv by myself.
Obviously I can’t go on a date even if anyone ask me now can I?
Unless it’s Eric who miraculously flies back to KL and sweep me off my feet for a night of romance.

Yes…wishful thinking.

I just want you to know.
Even if there isn’t any red roses.
An expensive present. A romantic dinner. Or dainty chocolates.
You have my heart.
Now and always.

J’adore...My Valentine.

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