Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cross stitch : ABC Baby Afghan Update 1

Between catching up with friends and stuffing myself with food wherever I go, I managed to work on the Baby Afghan that I got a while back.

So far, the letters A & B are done.

It looks so cute.
I can't wait to work on the rest of the alphabets!

How cute is that?

This "A" has a funny story that I'm sure Melaine, Aunt Serene, Aunt Helena, Mum and I will never forget...

You see, we were having another mahjong session in my house.
Since they have enough players this time, I could sit back and do some stitching.

Then I proudly showed my handiwork to my aunts...

Obviously they were admiring it 'cause it's so freaking cute =P

Then Aunt Serene said...

The crocodile is so cute lar. "A" for Crocodile =)
Melaine & Me : 0_0
Nolar..."A" is for Alligator!!

Everyone then burst out laughing...Crocodile is more commonly used in Malaysia than Alligator so I think my baby will have a hard time learning that as well.

And we usually teach kids that "A" is for Apple =P

At least the letter "B" comes without an animal to crack us up =) Though Mum said they should put a Bee for "B". Yeah...maybe she wanna consider being a cross stitch pattern designer =P

I'm enjoying myself tremendously working on this project.

I just wish I have more time to stitch.

1 comment:

Baby said...

A for Alligator
B for Boy

funny lah you people.. so much fun together..

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