Monday, February 23, 2009

A Blur

Past few days...was a blur.
I was doing this...doing that...and doing nothing.

The most fun was going to Gabriel's house warming.
In Setia Alam.
Which is in the middle of nowhere.
And you have to pay many tolls to get there.
Thank goodness Boon Koon gave me a lift =)
Lots of food, lots of laughing and lots of fun.
After knowing them for so many years, I still think they're nuts.
Utterly nuts!

With all the doing this and doing that, I haven't stitched for days.
Somehow, I'm not in the mood to stitch.
Maybe 'cause I just got a new book.
It's a tough choice between a good book or stitching.
The book won this time.

Even when I'm unemployed, I feel like there's not enough hours in a day.
I get sidetracked pretty often which is a bad thing.
I need to make a list.
To prioritized.
My room is a mess.
The so called library room is a mess.
I need a haircut.
Nicholas said I should opt for a bob.
I'm giving it some serious consideration.
Not sure how Eric will react to me sporting a short style.
So I'm still considering it.

I know there's some other stuffs that I need to get done.
But I can't remember what now.

Oooohhh...I'm still drooling over the Nokia E71.
I'm hoping that the price will drop soon *cross fingers & toes*

I'm exhausted.
Need more sleep.
'Cause everything is a blur now.


Baby said...

a bob? think think before you really do it.. i have stitch since the last update; wasn't free. and weather gave irritating rashes everywhere.

keylee daud said...

have anice day sis.eric president of c.a.m?

Tracy said...

Baby : I'm tired of my same old hairstyle so I'm really itching to get it cut.

Keylee : I think you got the wrong Eric. My Eric is in Macau at the moment =)

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