Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Nuts

Was away for a couple of days visiting Grandma in Sitiawan.
Got myself a couple of 'angpows' too =P

It was a leisurely drive and the traffic was smooth.

Except there were lots of road blocks.

I think it's 'cause of the political ruckus that's still going on in the state of Perak.
I wonder how our country got itself into such a calamity.
It's nuts so many adults managed to get themselves involved in such a big joke.

Luckily, life in Sitiawan went on as normal.

As expected, time goes by really slow when you're away from city life.

I got so much of my baby afghan done =) Will post pics soon.

My whole body is aching from driving so many hours...I need a good massage.


Jolene said...

when was the last time you drive?

Tracy said...

I drive everyday lar...just that going to Sitiawan is a 3 hours journey each way!

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