Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Lou Sang @ Shang Palace, Shangri-la Kuala lumpur

On the 2nd last day of Chinese New Year, we had a family lunch at the Shang Palace Restaurant.

Again...6 of of squeezed into 1 car for the ride to Shangri-la. Traffic was pretty good till we hit the Bukit Bintang area. As usual, traffic is a little chaotic when you're in the Golden Triangle.

We arrived about 1pm, just in time for lunch. Uncle Hong, Aunt Shireen and Abigail had already arrived when we got there.

Greetings from the Ox at the hotel lobby.
On our way up to the restaurant...yup...they make you sweat before you get the food =P

Pussywillows welcomes you at Shang Palace

More pussywillows...this time on our table. And there's a fruit in the middle of the bowl. It kinda looks like a lemon, but it's not a lemon. No idea what fruit it is but I'm sure it's symbolises something for Chinese New Year.

Armed with my jumbo chopsticks... be used when we "lou sang"

Yay!!! I "lou" the highest =)

Everyone is excitedly "louying"....

Even my little cousin Abigail who is hoping for 5 A's in her UPSR this year! This "yue sang" is the best I've ever tasted. I'm looking forward to next year's "lou sang" session already!

1st course...came in 4 individual plates. There's scallops with asparagus, fish cake with some corn in it, sea cucumber with fish paste and stuffed bacon. My favourite of the 4 would be the stuffed bacon. How can anyone resist bacon =P

Next...each of us got one of these little bowls made of paper with a little candle light to keep it warm

Inside, it's shark's fin soup with bean sprouts. This is the first time I've ever eaten bean sprouts cooked with shark's fin. The portion is really big for one person. I had a hard time finishing the tasty soup after the 1st course!

Then came one of my favourite roast meat of all time. Suckling piglet! Oh my....yummilicious to the max. But seriously, this is one of the biggest & yummiest suckling piglet I've ever eaten...I don't think it's a baby...more like a toddler piggy =P

The suckling piglet's skin is so crispy and cooked to perfection. It's even served with little pieces of flat bread to wrap the skin in. I'm sure Eric will enjoy this dish if he was there.

I didn't really fancy the next dish which was Chinese cabbage with dried scallops. I don't like it went to Abigail who loves this vege. Thank goodness for good little gals like Abby who loves her cabbage =)

This is another yummilicious dish that I won't be bored eating everyday if I could! The noodles is very tasty and comes with generous portions of jumbo prawns, scallops and mushrooms. I wish I could eat more but I was stuffed =(

And we still have dessert. Red bean soup with glutinous rice balls.

Inside those balls were black sesame paste. I ate the balls and couldn't finish the red bean soup which is a waste 'cause it was cooked just right. Not too thick and not too sweet.

Family photo after we're done eating. Look at all the satisfied faces =)

Lunch was super fun. Good food and great company.
Melaine managed to get us a private room for lunch and it was a wise decision.
Nothing beats such privacy for maximum enjoyment.
We could talk as loud as we want...and laugh even louder...which we did =P

We enjoyed ourselves so much that when it's time to leave...we found ourselves as the only customers left in the restaurant.
Since we were in our own room, we didn't notice all the other diners had left and the service staff was closing up the restaurant.

Again, we're the last to leave.
This is happening to me way too often.
Shang Palace's lunch time was until 2.30pm and I think we only left at about 3.30pm 0_o

I skipped dinner tonight as I'm not even the least big hungry after such a heavy lunch.
I'm still not hungry yet.
Wonder if I'll be hungry in the morning...maybe not as I really did eat a lot at lunch.

Will be celebrating "chap goh meh" which is the last day of Chinese New Year.
"Chap goh meh" is also known as the Chinese Valentines Day.
Traditionally single girls would throw oranges into rivers(or lakes) with their phone number written on the fruit to be picked up by guys.
I heard that it's banned now to do that in KL.
Someone even told me there are some places that charges a little fee for you to throw your oranges 0_o

In my opinion, I think someone came up with this orange throwing tradition to get rid of leftover mandarin oranges in their houses!
If you throw the oranges into the rubbish bin, people might say it's bad luck 'cause those oranges are "kam"(gold).
Or that you're wasteful to throw food away when there's so many people in the world facing starvation.

So, just throw it into the river.
If a handsome eligible bachelor happened to fish your orange out of the water and give you a call...can say that "kam" brought more "kam" =P

But then again...if he's an eligible bachelor...why does he need to fish the oranges for phone numbers?
Okay...I don't want to spoil the fun for those who will be heading out tomorrow with their oranges ;P
But...just wanna say this applies to both the orange fisher and orange thrower!
Maybe those seeking a same sex partner would be throwing a banana instead.

Getting back to my train of thoughts....

Can't believe 15 days went by in a blink.

Will be having "chap goh meh" dinner with family.

Yup...more food!

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