Monday, February 2, 2009

Daorae Korean Bbq, Taipan USJ

Today, after a tiring mahjong session, Me and Mum met up again with Aunt Serene and family for dinner at Daorae. It’s our favourite Korean Bbq restaurant in Subang. This restaurant in located on the 2nd floor of the building opposite McDonald’s in Taipan. As Chinese are celebrating Everybody’s Birthday (that falls on the 7th day of Chinese New Year), so as expected, the restaurant was packed with families just like us.

Melaine hiding her pretty face ‘cause she wasn’t ready =P

We got a table sitting tatami style but it has a hole under the for us to sit more comfortably instead of sitting crossed leg. It’s fun to sit at such table but the older generation might not like it as the floor is hard and there is no backrest.

As with any Korean restaurant, you’re served with many little side dishes. Best of all…they’re refillable =)

In the middle of our table, our pork gets barbequed with loads of garlic. You don’t have to worry about cooking it as the waiter will take care of it for you.

When the meat is almost done, it’s cut into bite size pieces.

This is how you eat the bbq meat. Take a vege leaf. A piece of garlic, some side dishes and a piece of meat.

Then wrap it all up with the vege and stuff the whole thing into your mouth. Bit of advise…don’t put too much fillings into the vege ‘cause then you’ll have a hard time chewing and swallowing. This obviously doesn’t apply to people who has a big mouth…figuratively or literally =P

Korean mixed rice. It arrived at the table in a super hot pot with a raw egg on top. Then you have to mixed it all up to cook the egg before eating.

After all that mixing…you get this yummy combination =)

Instant noodle in Kimchi flavour soup. It’s colour is a little misleading as it turns out to be not spicy at all.

In the pot, you get tofu, pieces of pork, rice cakes and some noodles.

Plain steamed eggs…

and pancakes. Both are complimentary =D

There are many Korean restaurant in Taipan itself but we find Daorae is the best of the lot. Yummy food at reasonably prices and great service.

We were all pretty full after so much food…but we still ended up in Baskin Robbins.

All of us are celebrating our birthday…so why not indulge? ;P

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小宇 said...

Yesterday me and wife check in this restaurant. It was around 9pm, only I hadn't yet taken dinner, so I ordered 1 bowl of noodle. What The FUCK, the boss refused to sell me, he asked me to order another set, just because my wife was there.

I told the waitress, only I want to eat, my wife just accompanied me. He answered boss said cannot, I must order another set.

FUCK this korean restaurant. I wouldn't recommend to anyone. No matter how nice is the food. ATTITUDE problem.

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