Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Prayer

When 2009 came along recently, it signifies a new beginning for many.
Those who had bad luck in 2008 hopes 2009 will bring a change to their fortune.

But to some, 2009 is a still a living nightmare.
And it has affected me greatly.

We've been receiving news after news of people we know falling ill.
Not with the common flu.
Or persistent cough.
But with cancer.

I've known many who passed away due to cancer.
A distant relative.
A friend's mother.
A former highschool mate.

I also know many who has beaten the disease bravely and we are fortunately to have them around today.

What has kept me awake late at night thinking and pondering, are the people I know who are undergoing treatment for cancer at the moment.

There's no cure for cancer.
There's surgery, chemo, medication and lots of faith.
But there's no cure.
Once you have cancer, there's always a possibility of a relapse.

I usually say a prayer to ask God for things that I want to come true.
Like getting good grades in exams.
Or the guy that I fancy.
Even for a present I'm drooling over.

Actually, I say a prayer when I'm scared.
And there's no one who could help me but God.
I may not be a devout Christian.
I can't remember the last time I set foot in a church for mass.
I haven't been baptized.
I don't know how to say a proper prayer.
I still don't know what's the difference between the many kinds of Christians out there.

But I do know when I feel lost.
Or scared. Or when I need a miracle.
I'll say a prayer.

And that's why I've been saying a prayer (in my own non proper way of course!) every night before I sleep.
I'm asking God to help people I know get better.
To not let cancer take them away so soon.

I hope God heard my prayers.
'Cause it's all in His hands now.

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