Friday, February 27, 2009

I Did It!

First of all...I did it!

Yup...I went to the hair salon today and got myself a bob.

My is short.

When I was shampooing my hair in the shower just now, it felt really weird.
Like I don't have an hair at all.
Which is freaky.
But I really think I'm going to save a lot on shampoo money with this hairstyle.

It's so different.
I hope Eric doesn't get a shock when he sees it.
I'm sure many of my friends will be =)

But I like it.
Makes me a kid again =P
Mum says it makes me look smaller.
As if I'm that big to start with -_-

I'm so looking forward to Saturday.
There's going to be a mini primary school reunion.
OMG...I haven't seen some of these people for like 15 years!
That's a super long time.
Thanks to Facebook...I know how some of them looks like now.
It's going to be an interesting gathering...I'm so excited =D

A couple of days back, Mum and I bravely went to the Jusco member's day sale in Mid Valley Megamall.
The scene there is utter madness.
There were people everywhere with no room to breathe!
Shoes were flying of the shelves.
Lingerie bought in a frenzy.
Even baby diapers are leaving in trolley loads.
Talking about a slump in the economy!

Luckily, before we joined the shopping frenzy, we had a little lunch.
Mum chose this little place located at the lower ground where Mid Valley and The Gardens met.
I believe it's called Pulau Ketam Yong Tau Foo.

There's a wide variety of yong tau foo to choose from.

We took a set which consist of 5 pieces of yong tau foo, cheong fun and chrysanthemum tea for RM8.90

There are many other eateries around us, but the one with the most customers would be this yong tau foo stall.

I would say the yong tau foo is pretty good value for money.
The pieces are quite reasonable in size and tasted pretty good.
Can see why they have a long queue all the while we were there.
Anyways, we did managed to buy some stuffs in Jusco eventhough we were having trouble breathing.

And I also got myself a pair of new shorts from MNG.'s black.
So now I own 4 pairs of black shorts 0_o


Cookie said...

Oh gosh! You got a bob!
*picturing Tracy with a shorter hairstyle*
I am guessing you would look seriously sweet! ;)
I cannot wait to see you on Monday! :D

Tracy said...

Let's see if you gals can recognize me with my bob =P

Baby said...

i can't imagine how u like coz i've not seen u in short hair before..

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