Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cross stitch : ABC Baby Afghan Update 2

Previous ABC Baby Afghan Update 1

I've done lots of progress with my stitching.
I'm already half way done...yippie!
Mum is already contemplating what colour to use as the backing cloth =P
She's thinking of brown, which I'm not very keen on.
I prefer something sweet and neutral...'cause we don't know whether our 1st baby is going to be a girl or boy.

What's a nice neutral colour for a baby?

I've finished up to the alphabet "K"

"C" for Kitty Cat. Pei Ann hates cats.
Now, every time I look at the alphabet "C", it reminds me of Pei Ann ;P

"D" looks super simple but it took quite an effort to get it done.

"E" has the same design as "D".
Both used a lot of half stitches.

"F" for Froggie.

A butterfly pattern which was tedious to stitch!
Looks beautiful once it's done though.

Needless to say, "G" took minimal amount of time to stitch.
Nothing special about it.

"H" for woozy Horsie.
My horse looked like it had booze instead of hay =P

A polka dotted "I"

"J" is just like "G"

My fav alphabet so far is "K". The Kangaroo looks like it's ready to hug someone!

I still have a long way to go before the afghan is done.

Gotta spend more time stitching and less time eating.

People have been commenting that I've put on quite a bit of weight.

I'm not denying it....but it still doesn't sound like music to my ears -_-

Maybe it's time to go on a little diet.


jolene said...

how about beige?

Tracy said...

Yeah...I thought the same as well. Will look at materials once I'm done stitching.

Baby said...

i ordered myself a design from ebay. simple but cute. and bought a crown tail fish (what they call it as fighting fish)

Tracy said...

That's great. Hope to see pics of your project soon =)

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