Saturday, February 14, 2009

I've got flowers!

Eric sent my these lovely flowers for Valentine's Day.
He's the sweetest hubby any gal could hope for *blush*
After 2 years of marriage, I still get flowers on February 14 =)

I was so surprised when the delivery man showed up in a taxi this morning.
Thought he had gotten lost on the way to his girlfriend's house and wanted to ask for directions!

No mistake's really for ME!

2 dozens of beautiful beautiful favourite flower *smells flowers again*

Out of 24 stalks of lilies, this is the lone lily that has started to bloom beautifully.

How can I not be in love with you my sweet and thoughtful darling.

Missing you desperately this Valentine's.

Thank you for the lovely lilies. They're as beautiful as you.


Baby said...

he's so romantic... 'envy'.

i've received nothing not even a wish. so instead of wishing him, i wished nemo the fish

Anonymous said...

lovely! i like stargazer lilies too :)
expensive taste, haha.
happy valentine's day to you, very heart warming to know your love is as strong since Day 1 of marriage.


Tracy said...

Baby : I'm sure your fish feels the same way bout you =P

Jen : Thanx! Eric is a very easy man to be in love with. Hopefully, I still get flowers in the future ;P

Jess said...

He is really sweet.

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