Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chap Goh Meh 2009

Chap Goh Meh yesterday was a day packed with many activities.

I'm still feeling exhausted.
The day started pretty early at 10am (it's early for me okay!)
It was raining...I was so so so tempted to stay in my warm warm bed.

But I didn't =(

Mum & I met up with Aunt Serene and Melaine for a drive to Setapak in KL.
It was a pretty long drive as we had an errant to run there.
Setapak looks like a pretty busy place but the road works that's going on there is a nightmare.
I'm just glad I'm living in Subang Jaya.

Anyways, after we're done with Setapak...we headed to O & S Restaurant in PJ for lunch.
As usual...I had the yummy fish head noodles =P
I can't resist.

Once our tummies were full, we headed to Sunway Pyramid to run more errants.

That's where I feel in love.
With the Nokia E71.
But it's totally beyond my budget @ Rm1799 =(

Beautiful and sleek Nokia E71

The sales guy at the Nokia shop told me there's a cheaper version....the Nokia E63.

The E63 is only retailing at RM1080. I'm considering this phone only 'cause of it's sexy RED colour.

He said E63 is like for newbies...and once you've familiarized yourself with the E63, you can upgrade to the E71.

That means getting 2 phones in the end?

Doesn't make sense right? -_-

Wonder if the price will drop anytime soon....I so need a new phone as the Motorola Razr 1st generation that I'm using now is about 3 years old!

And it's showing aging syndrome. Not a good sign at all.

Being unemployed sucks.
No money = no new beautiful Nokia E71 =(

After spending some time in Pyramid, we had waffles at Waffles World where it was a super stressful experience. Mum & Aunt Serene almost vomit blood. Figuratively lar.

Since "chap goh meh" dinner is always with family, we decided to have a steamboat session in Uncle Hong's house. It was recently renovated and have an area at the back of the house where we again created a ruckus.

I hope his neighbours were not pissed at us for talking and laughing at the top of our lungs.

Aunt Shireen(Uncle Hong's wife) has decorated their home very very creatively. Everywhere you look, there's something cute that will catch the eye.

A pair of chickens with oversized pants chatting on the stairs

Aunt Shireen even painted the switches panel and fan control herself.

These cows lives in the kitchen...

I think every switch panel in their home are painted. Must've taken Aunt Shireen a long time to get everything done.

Anyways, I ate to much again. Nothing new actually =P

Thank goodness we got a little exercise after eating.

How can "chap goh meh" not end with a mahjong session? =P

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Jolene said...

Very creative decorations! You can always start an online business maybe so that you won't feel as unemployed.

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