Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Lou Sang" @ Jaya Palace Restaurant,PJ

I just had my first "lou sang" today during dinner.
A bit late for the luck tossing but better than never right?
Me, Mum, Aunt Serene, Uncle Wang, Melaine and Pei Ann made our way to Jaya Palace.
All six of us when in one car.
Yes, we fit, comfortably.
Even when buckled up at the back.

It's our first time in this restaurant except for Uncle Wang who had been there before.
Coming from Subang Jaya, take the Federal Highway and you'll spot the restaurant by the highway on the left just a little before Menara Axis.
Take the left exit at Menara Axis to get to the restaurant that's located at Wisma LYL.
Parking is RM5 per entry. So we parked by the roadside where it's free =P

Everyone found it odd that our tea was served in such glasses. The only way to drink the hot tea was to hold the glass by the stem. As if we're drinking wine lar -_-
The restaurant has a nice ambiance and nicely decorated. Tables are spaced out at a nice distance which is a good thing after suffering from too much privacy infringement in Macau's eateries.

Lots and lots of Chinese tea pots as deco.

Colourful "yee sang" all ready for some tossing! You can see everyone is armed with their chopsticks and waiting impatiently while I snapped pics of the dish =)

What a mess =P

The "yee sang" came with slices of smoked salmon which is all covered in sesame seed in this pic. We all agreed that the "yee sang" was pretty good and tasty. Not too sweet or sour and best of all...the crackers are not smashed to soggy tiny tiny pieces =)

Deep fried pork ribs. What's a Chinese dinner without pork right?

I like the pork ribs. It's juicy and tender with a dash of piggy fats. If it's made into smaller pieces, it'll make a great snack while watching tv =P

This teochew shark's fin soup resembles the Chinese peanut soup dessert. Tasted a little weird, looked a little weird but it comes with lots of fins.

Stir fry scallops with celery and cashew nuts. I don't fancy celery but the scallops tasted alright. No way anyone can screw up such a simple dish.

"Kampung"(village) chicken with wax sausages. In case you're wondering, the bottom piece is the chicken meat and the sausage looking thing on top of it is...a piece of wax sausage. I think this dish is cooked with a generous dash of Chinese cooking wine. As with any "kampung" chicken, the meat is tougher and leaner. Something different that I haven't tried before and it's pretty good =)

Prawns coated with salted eggs. Needless to say...yummylicious!

Glutinous rice with wax meat. Normally, I'm not a big fan of rice cooked this way. BUT...this is delicious! Luckily they were pretty generous with the portion and we had enough to go around. Best dish of the night in my opinion =)

This...was fishy. Tasted fishy, smelled fishy, looked fishy. When this dish arrived at the table, you could smell the fishiness. Puts me off. Like how smelly tofu puts me off. Doesn't help that they were all commenting that something was wrong with it. We complaint and they made us another one...yup...the same fishy dish again. Only Melaine (the odd one) said that it tasted pretty good 0_o

Sea coconut with longan for dessert. I like it 'cause it tasted like ice-lemon tea. Well..there were pieces of sliced lemon in it =) Nice and refreshing. Especially after the yucky fishy soup dish.

Overall, we find that eating in Jaya Palace is not a very pleasant experience.
Not sure whether it's Chinese New Year or they're like this all the time.
The worst part is that they have a limited menu during CNY.
And the service is bad.
The staffs all looked like sour grapes.
Unfriendly. Rude. Inattentive. Weird hairstyle included.
Doubt we'll be back again.

After dinner...met up with Michelle in Taipan for a gal's gossip session.
While Mum continued with her mahjong sessions =P

Another busy Sunday ahead. More food!

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