Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm literally melting in this super hot KL weather.

There's a teeny weeny little bit of me that misses the super cold winter in Macau now.

It's no fun hiding out at home sitting under the fan....and still sweating -_-

Am trying to be environmentally friendly and not switch on the air-con but I'm so so tempted to do just that.

Have been trying to distract myself from the heat by stitching.

I really have no mood to blog in this heat.

It's so suffocating.

Feel like stripping off all my clothes and lie on the cold marble floor.

Okay...maybe it's not as hot as it is in Australia right now.

But it's way too hot for Malaysia and me =(

1 comment:

Baby said...

the weather is really hot. sweat when you sleep. i just dun understand how can he cover himself with the blanket?! i wish to on the air cond too but only our room got, outside dun have..

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