Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lou Sang @ New Paris SS2

So...I finally got to meet up with Ian, Sam and Lihao.
Last time I saw them was during our crazy night out in Brussels =P

Tonight is definitely not as crazy. But fun none the less.

New Paris was packed so we had to shout just to have a conversation...my throat is feeling kinda hoarse now =(

Group pic before "lou sang" can begin.
Sam & friend (sorry...can't remember your name)
Yue Sang all ready for the attack....

The wishes each call out at the top of our lungs wasn't too bad...

More money!!!
More gals for Lihao!
More chicks for Ian!
More hot guys for Sam!!
A baby!
Keep our jobs! (obviously this doesn't apply to me)

After all that shouting and tossing for the longest time....I had to stop everyone from tossing 'cause it was getting out of control with "yue sang" scattering everywhere.
And also 'cause people around us were staring at this weird bunch of clowns.

It was messy alright...
Sam ordered this Fried Talapia Fish. Said it was to-die-for.
Just to prove how serious she is...she wants to be like a fish too!

The fish is fried till it's crisp. You can even eat it's crispy bones.

Kangkung belacan =) Miss this in Macau.

Famous house tofu. Usually, the tofu is sitting in some sauce but today it's dry. Still yummy but I prefer it a little more wet.

Champagne chicken that comes with huge balls of watermelon. The chicken is a little sourish...maybe it's the champagne...don't really fancy this dish except for the sweet watermelon balls =)

The place was too noisy to really hang out and catchup with all the gossips.
No worries...another hang out session has already been planned...this time with Terence hopefully. And also Darren who is always so hard to get hold of.

OMG...I'm putting on so much weight from all the eating 0_o
Feeling like a little whale now...not good.
Luckily my clothes still fits...albeit a little more snugly than usual.

Will deal with it after chap goh meh =P


Baby said...

This is 1 place that I hate to go (from experience) because is too pack! The last time I went; the food came out too fast (Chinese Fast Food Restaurant) and not nice. Not a place of gathering or celebrations.

Tracy said...

Yup...the food is served really fast. Good if you're starving =P

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