Monday, December 1, 2008

Hanging in Brussels

It was my last Friday in KL and it was time to have some fun! Place of choice was Brussels Beer Cafe in Jaya One...don't ask me for directions as I'm needed directions to get there myself. We got there at about 9pm and the place was packed. Got ourselves a little table and what a fun night it was. Ian ffk us last minute so it was left to Me, Sam, Lihao and Darren to go crazy in Brussels =P

Cosy Brussels but we ended up outside as the place was full.

Xmas decorations are up already...
I have a Xmas tree right behind me!
Surprise! This is Joe who happens to be our junior in Monash. He's currently singing for Halo Cafe. We got free entertainment as Halo is having some sort of singing thingy going on.We started of with some cold beer...Followed by Lihao's chicken dish.A super big sausage platter to share.Delicious juicy and big!

Once we're done with food...time to for some camwhoring =D Thanks to Lihao the photographer and his DSLR!

Cute aren't I?

This one cuter rite?

Must do sweet sweet one also...

Finally...a decent pose =D
Me and Sam

Me and Lihao trying funny faces

Sam and Darren nothing better to do

Me, Sam & Darren

We hijacked a waiter to help us snap a group pic =P

At one point of camwhoring, Sam was behind the camera while Lihao was the model. Then I had to burst out laughing as one gave instructions while the other trying to take instructions...

Sam : Lihao...sit straight...don't "senget"(crooked)
Lihao : I'm not "sengeting"!

Lol...we are very creative with our English!

It rained cats and dogs half way through our time in Brussels but that didn't stop us. We talk and talk until the waiter cleared our table. Until Brussels close. Until the lights were switched off. Until we were the last table left! We finally took the hint and left when it's 4am.

Lots of camwhoring is good for the soul =P


Jovial said...

lol..was fun huh...gonna miss you darren said, hope when the next round u return , walk slowly, weight gainning, ....

take care for now..



Tracy said...

Miss you guys too...definately we have to camwhore again when I'm in KL =P

kennhyn said...

everyone seems to drink a lot of beer there, what's ur favourite beer there?

Tracy said...

I was my 1st time in Brussels so I had the Stella which is pretty sweet. Will try others next time =)

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