Monday, December 15, 2008

Zhuhai - Shopping & Eating Pt.1

It's been a busy week. My Aunts and cousins came for a visit and we had loads of fun. We've been eating, shopping, gossiping and laughing non-stop!

We made a short trip to Zhuhai that borders Macau. Things are super cheap in Zhuhai but the traffic is a nightmare. People are constantly honking, walking in all directions, shouting, spitting and generally just being rude. Don't even get me started on their washroom etiquette -_-

As I've mentioned many times family are food lovers. So in Zhuhai, we ate alot and I missed out on some pics coz I was too tired after too much shopping.

For our first meal in Zhuhai, I took them to the restaurant which is famous for it's fiery hot dishes. Eric took me there on my first trip to Zhuhai about a week ago =)

Again we ordered this vege in soup dish.

Long beans - tasty and totally not spicy

Yummy tofu - also not spicy

Okay...this is a pretty unpopular dish with our family. The waitress recommended it and we totally regretted our decision once the dish arrived. The small "kuali" is filled with fish eggs 0_o.

Don't order the fish eggs if you're ever in this restaurant. Looks weird and taste weird too!

This pork & mushrooms dish is spicy but totally a hit with Pei Ann coz the meat taste like bacon =P

"Tin kai" (bullfrog) which is very tasty. Gobbled up by Me and Pei Ann =D

Here comes the super duper spicy prawns. I ate the most prawns as the rest of them can't tolerate it's fiery hotness.

Fish slices that is filled with bones. Not recommended at all unless you wanna risk choking on bones.

As usual...the food portion is one size only and it's big. We had 9 dishes and 6 people. Can you believe the bill is less than RM150?

Outside the restaurant...these caught Mum and my Aunts attentions.

It's so cheap they have to get some and we carried the fruits while roaming around.

We found a place that serves Chinese desserts. Again...Mum and Aunts wanna try some.

Black sesame that cost Reminbi(RMB) 2 only. That's about RM1 for us Malaysians.

RMB 2 Red bean dessert. I only like the cute transparent plastic spoon =D

I then took them to the underground shopping centre and off we went haggling prices and buying cheap stuffs till we decided we needed some pampering.

In one of the many beauty shops getting some pampering.

Manicure and pedicure only cost a mere RMB40. Super cheap right?

After my mani and pedi is tired feet were massaged by a young Chinese man for RMB40/hour.

This is all done on our first day in Zhuhai. At the end of the day...I was dead tired. Talk about too much shopping!

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