Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye 2008

2008 has been a year of travelling. Specifically...between KL and Macau.

In 2008...

I became unemployed.
I started blogging again.
I ate the famed McDonald's McRib Pork Burger.
I experienced my 1st typhoon in Macau.
I completed my Carp cross-stitch project.
I visited Zhuhai...many times.
I had sea monkeys as pets and they are now in sea monkey heaven(not my fault).
I met cute baby Avi in Hong Kong =D
I cooked eggs in a hot spring.
I made my own Xmas cards.
I watched Lee Chong Wei play in the 2008 Macau Open Badminton Championship.
We celebrated Grandma's 80th birthday in Sitiawan.

Most important of all...Eric and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary =)

Well...It's time to say goodbye to 2008.
It's been a roller coaster year full of ups and downs.
Lots of decisions made and lots of happy moments(with occasional tears).
All in all...2008 wasn't too bad =)


Anonymous said...

you've so much fun... i'm bored.. i wish i've chef hubby..

Tracy said...

Well..there's only one Chef like mine =D

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