Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

He...he...heE! (I'm trying to holler like Santarina and not Santa!)

It's Xmas and it's freaking cold in Macau...only thing that's missing..SNOW!
(If it does snow here...I'll go into deliberate hibernation =P)

Anyways...I decided to make a few Christmas cards this year for loved ones.
(I hope you all have received it by now...if you didn't...either I didn't sent you one or it got lost in the Mail (most likely this is what happened!!)

The patterns I chose to stitch were from the Cross Stitcher Magazine that I bought after much deliberation as it's quite pricey...why must reading materials be so expensive huh?
But no regrets whatsoever =)

It took me a few days to complete the cards and they turned out pretty fantastic =D

Cute Christmassy cards
I like this one the most =D Wanted to keep it for myself but I finally decided to send it to people I love.

Cross stitching is such a labour intensive hobby. If only I can stitch like an Energizer rabbit, then I'll have enough cards for all my friends and family who deserves a prezzie from me ^o^

Maybe I should start now and prepare cross stitch presents for next Xmas =P

Hmm....where's my Xmas prezzies?


Baby said...

the only thing i hate about cross stitch is making the wrong step!

Tracy said... that case, make sure you do it correctly the first time =)

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