Thursday, December 18, 2008

Macau Pizza Hut

Recently, we decided to try the Pizza Hut in Macau. Located at Macau's main shopping street "San Ma Lo", you have to take the elevator to reach this Pizza Hut on the 1st floor.

When I got out of the jaw dropped....literally

Damn. This can't be a Pizza Hut. It looks like a restaurant fit for a hotel.

I still can't believe it...why can't Malaysia's Pizza Hut look like this?

This is our booth...I love it!

Such nice colour combination...the ambiance is really cosy

Does this look like a Pizza Hut to you?
Found this clock sitting behind me not looking out of place at all...

Beautiful view of Macau's heritage building outside the window

I totally love their tagline "Share a Slice of Life"
Granted...the food is a little pricey...I guess we have to pay for ambiance

Fizzy drinks to quench our thirst

Creamy chicken and mushroom soup

Sour minestrone soup

Thousand Island Seafood Mini Pizza

This is my favourite....behold the Meat Lover's Pizza =P

Meat Lover has pepperoni, beef, pork, Italian sausage, ham and bacon.
OMG...bacon in a pizza. Super yummilicious to the max!

Seafood Fettuccine

So creamy...

Ever heard of a 'Cake slicing fee'? Well...neither did I.

Well...this Pizza Hut does have some funny rules...especially the corkage for non-alcoholic drinks 0_o

I don't know about you, but why the hell would anyone wanna bring non-alcoholic drinks to a party?


Baby said...

reading this post makes me damn hungry. there's no way we gotta find this kinda pizza hut in malaysia. it really looks more like a restaurant than pizza hut. so, what was the total bill?

Tracy said...

Totally the best looking Pizza Hut I've been to =)

I can't remember how much was the bill...but definately more than RM100 =D

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