Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whale Restaurant @ Zhuhai, China

Okay...I'm calling it Whale Restaurant coz I can't read Chinese and there's a picture of a whale (or is it a shark?) smacked right in front of the signboard.

This restaurant is kinda hidden in a back alley but it's just outside the Gongbei Border once you cross over to Zhuhai.

See the whale? The restaurant is huge inside.
I like the cleanliness and decor of this restaurant. Service is good too =)
Behold the virgin chicken. Yup...the poor bird died a virgin.

The virgin is served cold. I'm not a big fan of virgin chickens as their meat tends to be tougher.

Stir fry vege that is very tasty though it looks kinda bland

Pigeons =) In KL, you normally get quails (burung puyuh)...but in's the real thing baby.

Yummylicious! See how juicy the pigeon is? Eric said that this restaurant is famous for it's pigeon...I can see why =)

Disappointing clams. Learnt our lesson...never order clams in China.

I didn't fancy the fish. The meat is kinda mushy and lots of bones too

In China...there's 2 kinds of crabs. The "meat" crab and the "kou"(eggs) crab. One's male and the other's female lar...In this pic, it's the male stir fry with ginger. In Zhuhai, you can't get crabs cooked in "kam heong", butter sauce or even the sweet sour sauce like in Malaysia.

The "kou" crab is best eaten when it's baked. Why baked? the "kou" can be preserved intact. See the yucky yellow stuffs oozing all over the plate? Yup...that's the prized "kou" -_-

You gotta pry open the crab yourself here. I don't know how Eric and Mum thinks this is yummy 0_o

Wonder how many people are drooling when they see this pic...

I steered clear of any yucky "kou" and got the huge claws instead =P

Yummy crab claw...and I don't even have crack open the shell myself ;P

We'll definitely eat in this Whale Restaurant again...the food is pretty good and best of all, not pricey at all.

I've been told that many people from Macau cross the border to Zhuhai just for dinner as the food is tastier and cheaper...not to mention don't have to share table with strangers!


Anonymous said...

i'm drooling now.. i've not eaten anything yet... it looks like a killer whale.. why didn't u find out the restaurant name? looking at your yummylicious photos does help in cheering me up a bit coz they are just too yummy especially the crab! your clams seems to be like empty shells lah..

Tracy said...

The restaurant's name is in Chinese lar =P So no point asking.
Yalar...don't order clams in Zhuhai...not worth it. The way they cook it taste funny also.

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