Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sushimitei Japanese Restaurant, Macau

There's a new Japanese restaurant in town and it's less than a minute walk from our apartment located on Sidonio Pais. Talk about convenience =)

This restaurant is pretty popular and every night, there's a line waiting to get in. Reservations is highly recommended if you plan to eat out in Macau. Compared to many of the eateries in Macau, this Japanese restaurant is considered quite spacious.

Best of need to share table with strangers lar. Really cannot tahan strangers squeezing and sharing same table to eat.

Chic looking restaurant

The food is prepared "Through Soul & Passion". I have high expectations for this restaurant.

Eric busy checking out the huge menu

Many colourful pictures to help you choose what to eat

View of the sushi bar

Teppanyaki chef in action...can fall asleep watching him cook

Started off with some unagi sushi roll

Grilled salmon head for Mum who has a thing for fish head 0_o

This is something special which I haven't eaten before. It's called Spicy Salmon Pizza =)

It's made of rice but called a pizza =P

Totally love the weird pizza!

Super long aubergine which I really do not eat...

Eric forced me to have's little sweet and not too bad. I might just be converted into a aubergine eater

A seafood pancake.

Nothing really special about it.

Yummy beef sukiyaki =D

Sushimitei noodles.

The food tasted really good. Would definitely go back to eat there again...though it's a little on the pricey side. It's good that we walk so much in Macau coz after eating so much, my tummy was ready to burst out of my jeans.
We really love Japanese cuisine...we found a many nice places in KL and luckily, we found a good restaurant in Macau =D

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