Friday, December 5, 2008

Eric's Birthday - Zhuhai Edition

My darling just turned a year older a few days back and to celebrate this special occasion, we took a short trip to Zhuhai which borders Macau. Thankfully, immigration was pretty quick as we chose a non-peak hours to cross the border.

Welcome to Zhuhai

We chose a newly renovated hotel for our stay in Zhuhai. It's a little pricey but definately worth it. A little corner at the lobby.

I can't believe how beautiful these artichokes are as a deco. Who knew vegetable makes such an impressive centrepiece.
In our room...I was impressed with their lighting gadgets =D It looks oh so stylish!

View from our hotel room.

After stylish..comes sexy...

For the sexy exhibitionist ;P

Can even do little shopping in our sexy bathroom

Condoms for sale..this cost RMB25

This vibrating condom (I'm really curious to know how it works!) is the priciest at RMB35

No.1 Anerican choice will only cost you a mere RMB15

I've never seen these stuffs before...

Ermm...specially for those who has a sensitive nose 0_o
I've got no idea what the first sentence of this notice is trying to convey. Anyone care to translate?

After inspecting our hotel room, we headed out for some late lunch at this Chinese restaurant somewhere in Zhuhai. We had to take a cab from our hotel and it suddenly hit me that they drive on the left side of the road in China. How weird is that? Both Hong Kong and Macau drives on the right but China on the left. Just cross the border and things can turn 180 degrees.

This restaurant serves rice in a bowl that looks like a mini flower pot
Spinach topped with salted eggs and mince pork...without this dish..I doubt I could survive this meal

Chilli fried beef which is super spicy but really tasty

Fried prawns with chilli which is super duper spicy but totally addictive

Lots of chilli left after the prawns are gone
There's more chilli than beef!

Lunch was really good and spicy. Great way to start a vacation =P We needed 5 cans of herbal tea and many many cups of tea just to keep the fire in our mouth under control. It's been said that many Chinese gals eat at this restaurant to keep their figure slim. Apparently spicy food helps to keep them looking hot!

Dinner came all too quickly...and we headed to Seafood Street with Eric's friend to pick our victims for the night.

This is seafood street. Live seafood vendors lined the street while the restaurants behind them cook it for you.

So many types of seafood to choose from

"yau yue" which is a kind of squid

Sea urchins that looks like our rambutans.

Baby abalone

Crabs...crabs and more crabs

This crab looks freaky

So many seafood on display

You can get fishes too

Geoducks and sharks as well if you fancy

Octopus looked pretty pissed

After selecting our choice of seafood...we handed them over to the restaurant to be cooked. You can buy the seafood from any vendor and choose which restaurant you want to eat in. The manager will then ask you how you want the dish to be cooked and charge accordingly.

The restaurant we went to had these on the table all wrapped up. Hygiene?

Our prawns were just blanched and served. Nothing fancy.

Baby abalone was pretty tasty

Roasted duck to go with our seafood dinner

My favourite is the octopus dish

Baked little hairy crab..I'm at a lost eating this as this baby crab have very little meat.

After dinner...we went to the Bar Street. It's name said it all.
We checked out all the bar on the street and decided on Seven. It has the best ambiance.
Liqour is pretty cheap here =D And they actually use green tea as a mixer.

Lots of balls to keep patrons entertained
We had a good view of the bar from our table.
Me and birthday boy

It got pretty noisy inside so we moved outside. If only there are places like this in KL.

It was pretty cold sitting outside but fear not...heaters to the rescue =D

Next day..we got up early and went shopping with some detour for food.

We didn't know what this was but Eric wanted to try it. After taking a couple of bites, we think it's actually deep friend stick of chicken.

After walking around a little, we tried noodles at a sort of fast food restaurant. Well...we had to find somewhere that has English on it's menu! This beef noodles sucks.

This set comes with many small individual plates of things to be put into the pot. They should've just save us the trouble and dump everything in before serving.

Everything is dump into this pot of hot boiling soup. This sucks too.

After a little shopping...we decided to eat again =D This time the food is much better.

They call this 'polo' bun...which I think translate into pineapple bun.

I had seafood kuey teow cooked in prawn paste. It wasn't bad but just weird as I've never tasted prawn paste sauce before.

After more shopping in the underground mall, we stopped at E.S.Kimo for snacks. This is the only restaurant which name I could remember. The others are all in Chinese character -_-

Toast with butter and peanut butter.

I had ice-cream with bananas.

Fried chicken that taste better than it looks.

Milk tea with tiny bubbles.

It's my first time in Zhuhai and it was great fun. Partly because I'm with Eric and partly because Eric's friend took us to places such as the Seafood Street and then later to Bar Street. We ate alot and also shop alot. Things are cheap in Zhuhai but you have to bargain hard. We went with one hand luggage and came back with two! The shopping mall is huge and full of little shops selling all kinds of stuffs...even imitation branded goods. I'm not even sure one week is enough for Zhuhai =D

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