Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Last year, we couldn't celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary together as Eric had settled down in Macau while I was still working in KL.

Obviously I was sad. So this year, by hook or by crook...I gotta be with my sweetheart =P

Two years on and I love him more with each passing day.

He makes red seem redder.
He makes a life funnier (with his crooked sense of humour!).
He makes my tears into smiles.
He makes me a better person (though I'm still a clown in the kitchen =P)

Most of all...he makes me wonder what made God thinks I deserve someone as wonderful as him?

Darling...here's to 2 years and 80 more!


Anonymous said...

so he's the perfect guy of your life? congratz! sad to hear about the 1st but here's the 2nd that you guys can enjoy lovingly... enjoy!!

Tracy said...

Definately the right guy for me =)

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