Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lamb Hotpot @ Tai Sei Hei

I've wrote about our visit to Tai Sei Hei before here.

Since it's winter time now...can't resist going there for the lamb hotpot. We waited for many many months just to have this. With the temperature howering below 20 degrees these days, a hotpot is just the perfect thing to have for dinner.

Unfortunately, this time we had to sit upstairs. It was a nightmare having to endure foul languages and inhale 2nd hand smoke from other patrons in such a confined space. I tolerated those idiots just to have the delicious hotpot =D
I snapped a discreet pics of the foul mouth patrons next to our table. 9 words out of 10 were filthy. Thank goodness there aren't any kids that eat at this place.
This is the yummilicious lamb hotpot.
The hotpot comes filled with lamb, water chestnut and 'foochuk' (beancurd skin)
Special sauce for lamb dipping

Can't do without loads of my favourite enoki mushrooms

See how big these enoki mushrooms are? Super big and yummy...

We ordered meat balls too...meatballs are served raw here not like in KL where it's already cooked.
Even the meat ball is big!

Vege to give our meal a little healthy twist =P

I'm sure we'll be going back for more lamb hotpot soon. We have another favourite hotpot place called Little Lamb that we have not visited this time. I'm waiting for Melaine, Pei Ann and my aunts to get here so I could take them there. I'm sure they'll love it as well =)

Winter is definitely the best season for hotpot. Nothing brings people closer together than sharing a delicious steaming hot pot on a cold cold night. And it's getting really cold in Macau.


Anonymous said...

The lamb pot is supposed to help you warm during winter time right? Especially the lamb...

Sounds yummy :) and yes, usually the hot pot places are infested with chain smoker with foul mouth as well. But for good food, what the heck ;)


Baby said...

your pictures made me very hungry

Tracy said...

Jen : You're right, the lamb hotpot is a 'heaty' it's good for keeping warm in winter. We have to suffer to satisfy our stomachs =P

Baby : The pics make me hungry too!

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