Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chan Kong Kei @ Macau

One cold but sunny afternoon, Eric took us to restaurant he discovered some time back.

Chan Kong Kei serves roasted goodies that is so popular with Chinese.

Definitely popular with our family =P

It's a little restaurant located near "san ma lo". Super pack during peak eating hours.
This is where the "chop chop chop" magic happens...yum yum
Can't believe vege can look this appetizing...I'm so not a vege person

Surprisingly...this plain looking soup taste pretty good has barley and some other beans in it.

I love this sauce/dip thingy. Wish I can get this in KL

This roasted goose is's different from those goose you normally get. This one is juicy and it has a herbal taste.

Finally...finalllllyyyy...SIEW YOKE!

I want more!

Gotta admit the goose is one of the yummiest I've ever had in Macau.

My only peev is the bill.

I'll only be back here if I'm really...I mean REALLY desperate for some yummy goose.


yokeliang said...

Isn't this shop just off the main street of Av de Almeida Ribeiro? And it's not far away from that box-like building that has colorful tiles on its walls...

Baby said...

did u order the left legged goose?

Anonymous said...

*Drool* All the food looks so yummy! Hehe, anyways I was at Pantai Seafood yesterday and the pork knuckle and fried kailan were yummy :)

Looking forward to more of your food blog entries, enjoy in the meantime!


Tracy said...

Yoke : You're's just off Av de Almeida Ribeiro(San ma lo). Good memory you have there!

Baby: What made you think the goose is left legged?

Jen : Where is Pantai Seafood? I love pork knuckles *drools* Is it braised or fried?

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