Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Anniversary Dinner @ Morton's

What's a celebration without food right?
Lucky me...Eric made reservations at Morton's in Venetian for a romantic dinner together =)

This is the complete food menu at Morton's.

How sweet...our menu is personalized for our anniversary...

Dinner started off with a big chunk of bread

The bread is really soft and fluffy

This is a seafood has yummy oysters, crab cakes, prawns and scallops wrapped with bacon

The steaks at Morton's are huge.I mean really really huge 0_o Even the asparagus are called "jumbo asparagus"
Cute little shiny things to play with while waiting for our dessert
This is a souffle. Why is it not in a cup? happens to be a souffle for two. It was too big so it got cut up and served =(
Complimentary hot chocolate cake from Morton's

Two years and still smoking hot together ;P

A sweet little keepsake from the friendly people of Morton's =D

As it was our anniversary, we got a really special table with a nice view of the restaurant. The only problem was...they had to move our table for us to get in and out!
You can imagine how funny it looks to the other patrons.
Luckily the lighting in Morton's is really super dim...don't think they got a good look at us =)
Then our server actually introduce the entire menu to us with a live lobsters and some other sidekicks lineup for the show...the lobster was the star of course =P

It's really a night of many first...

Last night was perfect...the atmosphere at Morton's was just right for romance.

Dark, quiet, mysterious ;P

I love it...

Thank you my darling *hugs*


Cherry said...

i came upon ur blog by accident.. i think you two are sizzling hot and the food are so yummy...

Anonymous said...

the bread is so big... did u 2 manage to finish the steak? how come no lobster picture? eric needs to hide his tummy.. anyway, what a romantic celebration! i really envy..

Tracy said...

Cherry : I love an accidental visit =) Thanx for stopping by and confirm that we do sizzle with hotness ;P

Jolene : We struggled to finish the steak...too big man. No lobster pic coz we didn't order it lar. It's need to hide...I love him with his round tummy =P

Anonymous said...

Congrats E.A.T :)
Keep the sizzle and continue
More happy and fabulous years counting!


Tracy said...

Thanx Jen =D

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