Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Zhuhai - Shopping & Eating Pt.2

In any Chinese community...and this is China, the most popular breakfast would be "dim sum" so that's what we had. This restaurant is located just a short walk from our hotel.

The restaurant looks pretty rundown on the outside but the food ain't too bad.

Everyone liked the porridge

"yau char kuey" is the porridge's best friend

Juicy "siew mai" in small plates of their own

Fried noodles to share

"char siew pau" for Mum

Oval shaped egg tarts...

"xiao long pau" also comes in individual small little plates

1st time I ate "chee cheong fun" that has corn in it 0_o

Our time in Zhuhai was mostly spent on roaming around and doing lots of shopping. We all even visited a hair salon for more pampering.

I got my hair wash, cut and blow-dry for only RMB35. They even throw in a mini shoulder massage after the wash!

Ooohhh...and the hairstylist that cut my hair kept me in good spirits by constantly reminding me of how beautiful I am ;P

Man...they really know how to keep their customers happy!

Before leaving Zhuhai, we went for a seafood dinner. The restaurant seemed to be really famous as it was packed. If I'm not mistaken, the restaurant's name is Xin Haili or something like that lar.

Blanched sweet prawns...really fresh

Long clams (I don't know what they're called lar)

Vege in soup again. I guess people in Zhuhai likes their vege cooked this style. The raw egg in the vege in weird though.

Yummy oysters...you know what they say about oysters don't you? ;P

*Edit: Eric corrected me on this dish...it's Squid not Octopus =P *

More clams


A super simple dish of vege fried with some garlic

A fish! Thank goodness this one has less bones

Isn't this a pretty dish?

It's scallops =) Yummilicious

And also some yummilicious baby abalone

After stuffing myself with food...I took a walk to see the live seafood on display outside.

They have some weird stuffs for sale


Bullfrog? Snakes? or Pigeon?


This snake's time is up...

See the red rope thingy on the table? That's the poor snake =(

I think I pity these tortoises more...no way I'll share a cage with a crocodile destined for the cooking pot

Lots more seafood in tanks...

Cooks in a show kitchen =)

Luckily no tortoise, snakes or crocodile made it to our table. Seafood is cheap in Zhuhai...but now I'm wondering if I should get my cholesterol level checked 0_o

After dinner...got to pamper ourselves one last time. So off we went for a foot massage.

This spa and massage place is HUGE. Hundreds of rooms inside for ultimate privacy when you're getting rubbed and kneaded.

We got a room for our massage and it comes with a tv for entertainment.

First...my feet is put into a tub to be "steamed"

After "steaming" comes the "soaking"...with some weird white stuffs in the water. Then my legs are scrubbed before being massage.

After a relaxing massaged...suddenly super duper hot steaming towels were wrapped around my legs. It's too hot for words.

Once the towels were taken off...lotion came on. Needless to say...I left Zhuhai with smooth relaxed legs =D


Anonymous said...

Hi E.A.T,

Haha :P

Wow, your Zhuhai guide is really good and I was drooling looking at the pictures of the food you guys had...jealous jealous!

Maybe I should consider dropping by Zhuhai when I visit Hong Kong.

Glad you had so much fun with your aunts and cousins. Will be on the lookout for more yummylicious postings.

Oh yeah, what did you guys buy? Lotsa shopping right? ;)


Tracy said...

Yup...definately should visit Zhuhai...super cheap stuffs and pampering services.

Like my aunt said, for less than RM100,you can have your hair,nails,eyelash all doll up =P

As for shopping...we bought shoes, bags, belts, tops, jeans, socks, leggings, skirts, tracksuits, scarfs...those are stuffs I can remember =D

Oohh...and my Aunt even bought some cross-stitch!

Baby said...

i would prefer to eat rather than looking the live ones as i don't wish to see any real snakes around.

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