Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fire Hot Restaurant,Zhuhai China

Again...this restaurant only have a Chinese name so I'm calling it Fire Hot Restaurant because majority of their dishes are fiery lips puckering hot.

Read about my previous visit to this restaurant here (with Eric) and here (with Aunts and cousins).

When the weather is so cold...a hot fiery meal is just the right thing to have. So off we went to Zhuhai again...

I got the name card so I can show the cab driver where to's super embarrassing when they don't understand my Cantonese or Mandarin.

Doesn't it look like a pudding?
It's actually "mui choy kau yoke" (vege & pork). I love the "mui choy" but this dish is so spicy hot. You can't eat this without rice.

Guess what is in this huge pot?

Yummy pork stomach favourite!

I just love pork stomachs...and had 6 bowls of it. That's because the pot of soup comes in only ONE freaking size.

This is another super spicy hot dish that sits on a fire. So it's not only spicy hot but also hot hot 0_o

It's the yummylicious lamb. I love lamb and this one is cooked in beer =P

Obviously this dish ain't for me. This fish head dish cost less than RM10...give me free also I won't eat -_-

We order this vege dish everytime we're here =)

This too =P

All these and the big pot of soup for 3 person.Nuts.

Another satisfying meal in Zhuhai =)

But I've got this nagging feeling that Zhuhai is the reason why I'm spotting a little more flab around my tummy...

Eating and hibernating...NOT.GOOD -_-


Baby said...

I supposed the fish head is for your mom, right? Don't complain lah.. I see until drooling liao ah...

Tracy said...

Of course for my mum head looks creepy

Baby said...

i don't like fish heads except for the pipi

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