Saturday, September 20, 2008

McRib anyone?

Mum and I were contemplating what to have for dinner when we came across McDonald's and the McRib caught our eye. Apparently McRib has just been launched here in Macau, same as Hong Kong. Can you believe the McRib has it's own Wiki website? Me neither. See it here. The world is a little cuckoo as even a burger gets a farewell...yeah...they had a farewell tour for the McRib and now it's just been rebirth in Macau 0_o

McRib value meal comes with a McRib, a cup of potato wedges and Coke. Grilled chicken is a side order.

McRib is a PORK burger!

Ermm...the real burger never matches it's pic.

McRib's buddy, the Wonderful Wedges ;P

The tagline on the wedges cup says "None of us is as good as all of us". Does it make any sense? If anyone knows what that means, please, please enlighten me.

It's been a long time since I had a pork burger in any fast food joint. Could never find it in a Malaysia McDonald's or even Burger King. The McRib is definitely tastier than the grilled chicken burger that we ordered for dinner as well. The pork was tender and juicy dipped in BBQ sauce. Mum really enjoyed her half of the McRib and complaint bout her half of the grilled chicken. The wedges is a tad tasteless but the portion was good. They should add more seasoning to the wedges, maybe even put some cheese on it like what KFC does.

I'm not sure how long is the McRib going to be on the menu as they already had their farewell years ago and it doesn't help that the McRib is being labelled as "Beloved burger". Sounds too lovey dovey and it gives me the impression that the burger is dead. Beloved is used alot in obituaries isn't it?

Despite it all, the McRib is really yummy!

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too bad we cant have it in our country. I always look for pork mcD burger when travel to non-islamic country. the bacon McD in Japan is a must try.

~Hui Hong

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