Monday, September 15, 2008

A Day of Walking

Yesterday was a fun day filled with lots of walking in a hot and humid weather. Brought How Khang for a day tour of Macau which started at the famed Venetian. That place still awed me with it's wonderful atmosphere and grandeur. We came across a Glass Blowing demonstration which seems pretty interesting for a little while. After 15 minutes of not seeing much glass blowing, we got bored and left to look for lunch. Lunch at the Festivita Foodcourt is pretty good.

The most exciting part of this visit to Venetian is my 1st celebrity encounter. How Khang and I saw Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi with Patrick Tze as they were leaving the hotel. We didn't manage to take any pics, much less an autograph as they walked past us so fast! Okay, it also took us a moment to register that it's really them. I never expected to see any celebrities walking around Macau like ordinary people, thought they'll at least have bodyguards clearing the way for them like those in Malaysia. Cecilia is really pretty in person, and not much could be said about Patrick but Lucas is really cute.

Glass being heated up in a furnace.

Adding colours to make the glass prettier.

Finally some glass blowing.

Yoke Liang happened to be in Macau yesterday as well so we met up and continue our exploration of Macau together. Despite the scorching heat, both of them kept stopping in the hot sun and snapping away on their cameras.

Macau celebrated Mid Autumn Festival also known as Mooncake Festival yesterday. Streets and shops were decorated with colourful lanterns everywhere we went.

Lanterns lighting up Senado Square.

A huge lantern in the middle of Senado Square.

Beautiful traditional lanterns decorated the streets.

This lantern even helps you to locate a toilet.

Cute bunny lanterns on a building.

They even look like they are dancing on clouds.

Now, an update on the sea monkeys. I can see them swimming around in the small aquarium. They grow pretty fast actually as just a day before, they look like dust! Instruction says to feed them only on the 5th day.

Baby sea monkeys in their watery home.

This is a view through the magnifying circle on the aquarium. You can see a lone sea monkey baby in the middle.

The hot and humid Macau weather is a force to be reckon with. I'm glad we survived it!

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