Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sea Monkey eggs released

24 hours passed and the eggs are released into the purified water. Not sure if anything is happening in that little container. Maybe my eyesight ain't too reliable as all I can see are some specks which looks like powder floating around in there. Or maybe it could be dust. It's very dusty here.

Eggs is mixed into the container.

Do you see any sea monkeys?

I thought so. Let's see if any baby monkeys will come out to play in a couple of days. If I don't post anything else on the sea monkeys, you don't have to guess what happened =P

1 comment:

Lionel 小立 said...

wow wow wow... you are breeding your own pets? Wonder how Sea Monkeys look like... these ain't ordinary pets ok... these are *imported* species from Malaysia man! haha... I'll stay tuned for the pics of your babies =P

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