Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Funny Day

Tonight is the debut of the Singapore Night F1 race. Mum is a big Kimi Raikkonen fan so she's all geared up to watch the race on tv. Unfortunately, her idol didn't do too well and got into an accident so close to the finish...well, a very exciting race and disappointing night for Ferrari as Massa got screwed during pit stop. That incident in pretty hilarious. Especially when they showed how the Ferrari pit stop crews were carrying the detached fuel hose back to their pit.

Then another idol of Mum's, Lee Chong Wei (he is Malaysia's badminton player if anyone's wondering) made her night even more exciting. Lee Chong Wei was dining in Rossio, the restaurant Eric is working in. There's some juicy gossips for this one but I'll leave it out of my blog ;P I wanted to take Mum to Rossio so she can meet Lee Chong Wei but then Kimi is more important =P So we stayed home and watched how Alonso got on the podium for the first time this season.

Earlier in the day, we were watching a music program on tv where the beautiful host was interviewing a boy band called B-O-Y(Blood of Youth) from Thailand. The guys are really cute. So after the short interview, they sang a song of theirs called "You're Pretty" which sounds quite romantic. They even explain what the lyrics meant as it's in Thai. Mum was really taken with them and even asked me to download a few of their songs for her!

Anyways, when they finished singing, one of the guy was dedicating a short message to their fans...then Mum turned to me and said

Mum : Why is he thanking the orphans? They doing charity meh?
Me : Where got orphan? He's thanking the fans lar -_-
Mum : Aiyah...I thought he thanking the orphans...they so "leng chai" until mummy cannot listen properly.
Me : 0_o

Then I laughed till I almost fell to the floor. Every time I think about that conversation, I start laughing again.

Listen to You're Pretty by BOY below. It took me sometime to find it as the title in Thai is Tur Nah Ruk.

This is Blood of Youth (B-O-Y) from Thailand

A couple of nights back we went to a Japanese restaurant near our home for dinner. Well, I wouldn't say it's the best place to go to for Japanese food. The green tea tasted like chlorine so we ended up ordering sodas. How crappy is it to have soda while eating sushi? Besides the tea, the food ain't too good as well and not to mention it's freaking expensive.

Eric ordered fried rice. It tasted like normal Chinese fried rice but topped with ebiko...yummy This dish is pretty acceptable just because I like ebiko.

Mum ordered beef udon which came with a thinner noodle. Definitely not udon to me. It's so-so only and Eric dislike it.

The plates come in some funky design and the sushi is nothing to shout about. Later we found out that all 3 plates are priced confusing since 2 plates are of the same colour.

Eric finished the fried rice...I guess he was really hungry. So many ebiko left in the bowl!

This is the menu. If you wanna taste Hell(literally) food, look no further! This so called Japanese restaurant in Macau even serves "Barbecured" instead of barbequed dishes. It's definitely on our list of "restaurant to avoid" in Macau.

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