Monday, March 2, 2009

The 6 Ros-ians of '93

I mentioned in my previous post that I’m gonna meet up with some primary school mates.

It took us more than a decade, 16 years actually (okay…so now everyone knows how old we are!) to finally meet up.

Well…we did it!

Back row l-r : Darren, Wai Koon, Me, Chung Sean & Taufeeq

Front row : Grace, Jun-Li, Chee Heng, Yoke Liang & Farah

Granted, there were only a handful of us instead of the whole class (come on, we tried but some are really MIA) but it was awesome.

After so many years of leaving school, we were so comfortable with each other from the moment we met again.

How comfortable is comfortable?

Well…there were stories swapping of the guys discovering puberty with the help of magazines and the oh-so innocent touch.

OMG…just remembering this is making me laugh to myself!

There were more stories of visits to gay spas and unwanted grabbing =P
When we all heard these colourful stories…the look of utter disbelieve on everyone’s face (except the storyteller’s of course) is hilarious…lol.

It’s actually freaking unbelievable how imaginative a 12 years old boy mind is.
Come to think of it, I think Taufeeq’s encounter with his magazine is the winner.

Sorry Wai koon. Well…you could have been the winner if you would just tell us who was the girl with the arousing touch =P

It’s great to see everyone has grown up (I hope =P) but somehow, they’re still the same as I remember them 16 years ago.

How crazy is that?

Guys all grown up to be handsome & successful

Okay...maybe not so grown up after all =P

And we could also remember some of the crazy stuffs we did back then which involved some cut up erasers, staplers and chalks.

We were innocent back then( according to Wai Koon) but no one said we weren’t naughty ;P

Still very pretty & innocent gals =D

We hung out from 8.30pm and I only got home around 3.30am.
Time does fly when you’re having fun doesn’t it?

I hope there’s another gathering soon and this time we have to try to have more 6 Ros-ians to come.
It was so noisy, crazy and boisterous with just 10 of us.
I can’t imagine how it would be like if we got everyone from the class together.

Understandably it would be quite hard as I believe some are living overseas.

Some had totally fell of the radar after primary school.

Some might not be keen to meet up for some reasons (remember the erasers, staplers & chalks?).

But I do hope we could do it one day.

Just hoping I wouldn’t have to wait for another 16 years!!!

Yup...I am the shorty -_-


Baby said...

as long as you're pretty, forget about being shorty

Tracy said...

That actually rhymes =D

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