Thursday, March 19, 2009

Canton-i @ Sunway Pyramid

After countless visits to Dragon-i for "xioa long pao", we finally made our way to Canton-i.
It looks more like a cafe than a restaurant from the outside.

I like the simple but attractive utensils being used.

The space is a little small and I think the tables are being placed to close to each other for comfort. Would have preferred not to share my conversations with strangers.

There's even birdcages hanging around as deco. Like a high class kopitiam.

My coffee & milk tea "ying yong" is delicious. Totally worth it's price of RM5.50 for such a big glass.

Dry tossed wonton noodles at RM4 per plate. It's a little pricey but the noodles are smooth and fragrant. Portion is pretty reasonable as well as me and Mum shared one plate.

Prawn wonton in soup for RM11.80
You get 6 delicious prawn wonton which I enjoyed.

This is Mum's favourite. Stewed Pork Knuckle in Red Bean Curd at RM13.00
I like it too. The pork is super tender and yummy. Comes with braised groundnuts too!
Salted Egg Yolk Layers Cake at RM6 for 2 pieces.
I didn't fancy this but Mum liked it.

Canton-i's menu mostly consist of wonton noodles, roasted meat, congee and dim sum.
Which in my opinion is a little on the pricey side.
Even a glass of Chinese tea is going for RM5 per pax.
Almost choked when I saw that.
I much much prefer Dragon-i than Canton-i.
Maybe I'm bias...I crave "xiao long bao" and Dragon-i has the best one in town.

Visit Canton-i at


Baby's Boutique said...

what's the difference between dragon-i and canton-i? i've never been to both..

Tracy said...

Well...Dragon-i serves Shanghainese ciusine like xiao long bao & la mian while Canton-i is serving Hong Kong cuisines.

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