Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Regina & Joverse

Regina & Joverse are one year older.
I hope they like their presents...lovingly knitted by me =)

It was quite a task gathering everyone together for dinner.
Everyone sort of arrived at Sunway Pyramid separately.
Me being the earliest 'cause I don't have to work =P
Joverse being the latest...even when she's the nearest -_-

So while we waited for her...I gave Regina her bday present.
And the camwhoring starts!

Doesn't Regina looks sweet with her pink scarf?
Shey Imm looks blur but she is actually thinking really really hard.
And she came up with another creative use for the furry little balls.

I really have no idea what these two were trying to do 0_o

Joverse finally arrived and we headed to Tony Roma's for dinner.
The restaurant was pretty empty so we got a nice table with a beautiful view of Sunway.

Joverse is happy with her purple scarf prezzie!

Hungry pretty gals waiting for food to arrive
L-R : Regina, Me, Amanda, Yann Mei, Joverse & Shey Imm
Gigantic water glasses.
We started with some complimentary bread with herb butter. Everyone loved the melt-in-your-bread butter.
We ordered the sampler which came with baked potatoes skin, Buffalo wings and the onion basket.

Fried mushrooms for starters as well. The little mushrooms are delicious when dipped into the sauce that came with it. They should give us more sauce the next time as the sauce ran out before the mushrooms did!

The chicken dish with sides of fries and rice. Beware...the fragrant rice can be really addictive.
Salmon salad which the gals claimed to be fantastic. I only tasted the salmon which is a little overcooked in my opinion. Can't comment on the leafy vege though. I avoid salads at all cost.

This shrimp pasta is super yummilicious. Generous servings of shrimps and cute little ribbon pasta. I think I ate this dish the most and my personal favourite =)

Regina & Joverse with their birthday cakes courtesy of Tony Roma's.
It's really yummy!

These gals blew out the candles before we even sang the Birthday song O_o

Then 'hot guy' came and light it again =D
As punishment for blowing out the candle earlier...they gotta blow again with hot guy watching over them ;P
Hot guy wants them to blow really hard ;P

Another pic after a fun night out.

We were all supposed to pose for this pic.
They all lost the plot lar -_-

I'm glad we chose Tony Roma's for dinner.
The service was great, the food was yummy, the view fantastic and best of all, we only paid about RM30 each for dinner.

We will definitely be back again at Tony Roma's.
But next time, we would appreciate if hot guy can be our waiter for the night ;P


Regina said...

Thank you for making 2nd March a great day. Had loads of fun. Thank you for your friendship! :D

Tracy said...

You're very welcome =D
I had fun too!

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