Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Opps...I Did It Again

Since I'll be jumping into my darling's arms tomorrow, I thought I'll give him a surprise.
(unless he reads my blog 1st then the surprise failed lar)

I went and got my hair cut.
Even SHORTER this time!!!

I did it in Kimarie Taipan since they're still having the RM25 Senior Stylist promo on.
Super damn worth the money lar.
Imagine, you get a hair wash, then they cut it for you.
Finally, even blow & style it.
I hope this promo goes on forever 'cause I discovered my fav hair saloon in Taipan =)

This is how short my hair is at the moment. Do you think it looks as good as I think it is?

It slopes at the side and the back is super short as well.

Melaine said I'm super brave for cutting it so short.
Pei Ann likes how it slopes at the sides.
The hairstylist said hard to find gals who wants to try something new.
Mum doesn't have any good comments for it.
I like it.
Update : Davin says I look naked -_-

Now...let's see how Eric feels about his wife sporting a super super short bob.
Update : Eric says he loves me, not what hairstyle I it doesn't matter if it's long or short. Isn't he just the sweetest?

Anyone thinking of getting a haircut for very reasonable price, Kimarie Taipan is the place to go.

Kimarie Taipan is located just a few shops away from Starbucks.

35 Jalan USJ 10/1D, Taipan Triangle
UEP Subang Jaya, 47620 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5632 8000 Fax: 03-5632 7000


Baby's Boutique said...

why so short? I would dare to cut short if the hairstyle suits me

Tracy said...

Just to try something different =D
Hair will grow so I don't mind giving it a go.
I'm glad it turned out pretty alright on me!

Regina said...

I remembered the time I subjected myself to a pixie crop, I super freaked out and didn't dare let my hairstyle go that way again! Lol! :P
You go girl! Super brave to get your hair up that short! Btw, I just love how your fringe balances out the hairstyle! ;)

Angel said...

so very daring... nice!

Anonymous said...

good job Tracy :)
i think everyone should try something extreme once in their lifetime or when still young and can afford the glares and weird stares :) (at least)...

i think you look good in the bob, very "refreshed" kinda look. short hair can be sexy too and even exude more sensuality (if there's such word).

i tried crew cut and bob last time too, results were not too good but i am glad i tried now rather than when i am 40.

wonder if the promo at Kimarie is still on, i would like to get a trim and layer as well...

but it looks like they did you a good job!


Tracy said...

Regina : I wanna see pic of your pixie crop! I'm thinking of trying Victoria's Beckham pixie cut next since I've already gone this short.

Angel : Thanx =D

Jen : Exactly my thoughts =) When we're older we might be more self concious and not be so adventurous.

I've always wondered how I'll look with my hair this short...guess I finally found out!

The Kimarie promo is still on(it's been on for the past year!) can always give them a tinkle just to be sure =)

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