Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lorong Seratus Tahun @ Taipan,USJ

As restaurants sprouts like mushrooms and then wilts away with time, Mum & I always give them a try to satisfy our curiosity. And then to predict when they'll just...wilt away.

Lorong Seratus Tahun got some pretty good
reviews in the papers recently, so we just have to give it a try.

It has a pretty nice decor which is inviting and clean. We were there right before dinner time so it was pretty empty.

The curry noodles that tasted like prawn noodles. Maybe it has a personality disorder and came out as prawn noodles disguised as curry noodles. At least it came with a generous helpings of cockles and "yau yue"(squid).

Looks like "char kuey teow" doesn't it? Well, it's actually "char toon hoon". I like this dish. It's fried just nice. Not too wet or too dry. Doesn't hurt that it has lots of cockles =) Don't worry...I've gotten my Hepatitis jab a long time ago.
What was most interesting is my drink. Behold the Nescafe + Milo Ice. Taste bitterly Nescafe but with the sweet after taste of Milo. I think it's a creative combination. Just that this glass was a big disappointment. It was too thin and not flavourful. Seems like this restaurant is stingy when it comes to serving a good drink.

So, the verdict is....we won't be going back to Lorong Seratus Tahun anytime soon.
The food is so-so only.
The drink is bad.
Price is on par with other modern Kopitiams.
What can I say...nothing special can be found at this Lorong.


Baby blogger said...

nescafe + milo = neslo..

malay restaurants always serve thin drinks..

Tracy said...

If you read the review, this restaurant is run by a Chinese family from Penang.

No excuse for serving such lousy drinks.

Anonymous said...

It is originally from Penang, tried the one in Taipan not the same at all (probably its Pork Free in Taipan). They are extremely famous in Penang, ask Penangnites the best curry mee and they will tell you. They operate a stall in Lorong Seratus Tahun, Off Jalan Macallister in Penang hence the name and they only serve curry mee and nothing else! Btw did you add the chilli paste?

Tracy said...

Just too bad they don't serve the same kind of curry mee that they do in Penang. Spoilt their own reputation only lar.

Add chilli paste also doesn't help much.

Maybe they should really reconsider serving what thay are famous for 'cause I definitely won't be going back there if it remains the same.

Baby said...

i've tried the fried tung fun which i like and the fried popiah ok lah. and as usual, ice lemon tea. tat's all i ate for my 1st visit

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