Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Me Bake? Damn right!

Never thought I'll be doing it, but I did.
I baked a cake and muffins for the first time in my life.
Don't worry, I tried it and it's edible =P

Hwee Chiang(who is really into baking) wanted to join a baking class being held at Best Baking Solutions in USJ8.
So I decided to go with her just for the fun of it.

We met up for lunch and then she asked me.
"It's says Junior baking class...do you think it's for kids?"
OMG! We signed ourselves up for a kids baking class -_-
My first baking class, I guess it's a good place to start. In the kids class.

So today, I baked a Wholemeal Chocolate Apple Cake & Chocolate Forest Muffins.

So there we were. On our table, we found recipes, baking trays and small cups for the muffins.

As the first to arrive, we found a spot at the back of the class to not attract unwanted attentions from the kids.
Once everyone was ready, we started with our Wholemeal Chocolate Apple Cake.

Firstly, we have to cream the butter & brown sugar.

Hwee Chiang is so happy to be baking.

So lumpy...gotta stir it some more till it gets light and fluffy.

It's hard work to get it to the light & fluffy stage. We had to take turns stirring the mixture as our arms were aching with so much stirring action.

Then, add the eggs. One by one. Put in the 1st egg and stir it until it's light & fluffy again. Then add the 2nd egg.

It looks like "tau foo fah" when we tried to mix in the egg. Kinda gross actually.

Once the eggs had been mixed in nicely, add the mixture of cake flour, baking powder & wholemeal flour and then fold it into the creamed butter alternating with milk.

Adding milk

We managed to fold in the flour & milk pretty well =)

Then add in some chopped apples.

And grated chocolate.

Mix it all together like what I'm doing here.

Pour the mixture into a baking pan and walla....they're ready for the oven.

While the cake is put into the oven to be baked for about 30-40 minutes.
We got started on the Chocolate Forest Muffins.
This one is easy-peasy.

Mix low protein flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cocoa powder & sugar together.

Kids having fun with their baking class. Some are seasoned bakers we were told.

Add an egg, vanilla essence, milk, whipping cream, melted chocolate & butter into the flour mixture. Then mix it all up. Be careful not to overdo with the mixing. As long a you can't see the flour, it's done. It's okay to be lumpy.

All ready to be spooned into muffin cups.

Goodness me...it does take some skills to get it into the little cups.

Okay...I know it's a little messy. Give me a break...it's my first time baking muffins! Top the mixture with a chocolate button and pitted cherries and it's ready for the oven.

Look! Our cake came out of the oven looking great =D

Hwee Chiang and her cake.

Me proudly showing off my cake too!

Doesn't it look yummy?

Yummy yummy choc muffins then came out of the oven.

Not bad eh for a first timer?
Wish Eric could taste my cake and muffins.
It was a really fun experience and Hwee Chiang fund out why her muffins was collapsing when she made it previously =P

The baking class cost RM40 per person and it took us approx 3 hours to make the cake and muffins.
We were told the junior class is only held during the school holidays.
Besides the junior classes, there are many baking classes being held regularly for those avid bakers.
There's even a cake decorating class.

I might just join another class...with adults this time =D

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