Saturday, March 21, 2009

Night of Princess Wishes

Tonight, I brought Mum to watch the Disney on Ice : Princess Wishes show that is being held at Bukit Jalil Stadium as we were lucky enough to get a couple of complementary tickets.

We took the Kesas from USJ and the traffic was pretty bad at the Sri Petaling Carrefour turning into the stadium.

Finally, we managed to get into the parking area and I was overjoyed when I saw there was ample parking spaces.

The stadium looks like a spaceship from afar.

We then excitedly headed towards the crowd.
Ohh...what a sight it was with so many people crowding around the entrance.
I was surprised there were so many adults and teenagers.
Some even wearing lighted devil horns.
Devil horns at a Disney show?

It's for the A-Mei concert -_-
Coincidentally being held on the same night.

We then had to walk quite a distance to the small stadium where the Disney show is staged.
Needless to say, it was anti-climatic after seeing the hype at A-Mei's side.

What pissed me off was the lack of signage to point people in the right direction.
The least the organisers could have done was to inform which parking is designated for which concert to save us the confusion and long walk.

The ice rink looks pretty small doesn't it? Not too impressed with it. Not impressed at all with the stadium.

By the time the lights went down for the show to begin, half the seat in the stadium were still empty.

The waterfall backdrop actually changes with every story that's being told. In the Cinderella tale, it became a castle. This one, I'm impressed!

Eleen & me quickly snapping a pic before showtime.

Mickey & Minnie making an entrance to start the show.

Pic of a camel on ice from the 1st Princess Wishes of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

F&N Magnolia was a sponsor for the Disney show. Too bad I didn't have an ice-cream =(

Princess wishes is a great show.
Even Mum enjoyed it.

There were some really entertaining parts such as the stunts in Aladdin and Little Mermaid.
The funny way "Candlestick" was skating around in Beauty & the Beast =P
"Flounder" with legs and flapping fins was super cute in Little Mermaid as well.
What caught everyone's attention was the fire breathing dragon in Sleeping Beauty.
There was literally "fire on ice" =P

The most boring Princess wishes was probably Mulan.
When it was being told, I kept wishing it would just end.

The one I love most...hands down is Cinderella.
When she came out in her golden carriage, I had tears in my eyes.
The music, the prince, the love...
Every girl, deep down in their hearts, wishes she's Cinderella.

Sadly, the only song I really know during the show is A Whole New World from Aladdin.
All the other songs, I'm not familiar with at all.
I wish they've used Beauty & The Beast song instead of Be My Guest.
At least then I would've known two songs instead only one.

I'm sure the show would have been a much more enjoyable experience if it was being held at a better venue.
With more comfortable chairs.
Better ventilation & lighting.
And a bigger ice rink.

Nevertheless, I had a great time!
Nothing is better than to lose yourself in the magical land of fairy tales.

Especially in this crazy world we live in.

The Star have a pretty detailed review of the Disney on Ice : Princess Wishes show.
Read the review here.

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