Monday, March 9, 2009

Opening of Fresh Hotel, Ipoh

Did you hear about the 10km traffic jam on the North South Expressway?
The Star reported about it.

The jam was so bad, guys were seen peeing on the side of the highway.
While we stared at them.
'Cause we need to pee so badly too!
Yeah...we poor unlucky souls were stucked in the same horrible jam for 3 hours.
3 bloody hours to move 10km.
It was excruciating
A 2.5 hours journey took us 7 freaking hours.
The numbers doesn't add up right?
That's 'cause we had to make a dash for the rest stop along the highway after we cleared the jam for a peeing session and dinner.
It was definitely the worst...I repeat...the WORST jam I've had to endure in my life.

How did we get ourselves stuck in the jam?
Well...we woke up at 6am in the morning and rushed to Ipoh to attend a hotel opening ceremony.

Uncle Ling chose March 8(this date is very significant to us M'sians considering the results of last year's general election) for his hotel's official opening.
We got there just in time around 10am.
By then, there was already a big crowd all waiting anxiously.
I'm sure they're waiting for the free food.

Many people at the ceremony. Some are invited guest...some are not.

Lots of congratulatory fresh flowers from well wishers

Some decided artificial flowers makes nice gifts too. I wonder where are they going to display all those flowers. In the storeroom maybe? =P I hope they remember which one came from us!
A lion coming toward me...

...and then making a detour to check out the food -_-

It looks kinda scary when it comes so near.

Two lions frolicking. They're of the same colour so you gotta look really closely to see what they're doing.

Ribbon cutting time. Even Grandma came all the way from Sitiawan as the guest of honour. She gets to cut a ribbon too. The rest of us gets free food =P

Lion's supervising to make sure the ribbons are cut properly.
Yippee! Fresh Hotel is officially open and the Lion's are it's first official guests =D

Then it's "makan" time. People in Ipoh is kinda ferocious when it comes to food. There is no line. No mercy and no face given. If you don't push, you get no food. That was what I was told by Melaine who is kind enough to share whatever little food she managed to get grab before getting booted from the food spread. It was quite a scene. Some people ate a few servings and even 'tapau'(packed) food to take home. No one knew who they are. The free food must be hard to resist to passersby O_o

After food, we took a little tour of the hotel. This is a room for 2.

The bathroom looks pretty decent in size as well.

Best of all...there's a flat screen tv =) Now we all have a place to stay in when we visit Ipoh next time.

I'm sure guest staying at the hotel will be pleasantly surprise to find reflexology chairs when they walk into the hotel. Yup...Fresh Hotel knows that everyone loves a relaxing massage so all you have to do is go down to the lobby and get some pampering.

There's even individual rooms for a body massage. The masseurs are Thai girls with very very strong fingers. How do I know that? Courtesy of Uncle Ling, we got an enjoyable reflexology with a shoulder massage =D

God knows I needed that pampering. 'Cause we got stucked in the jam on our way home.

We were pretty impressed with Fresh Hotel as it is new and clean with a great service. It's located just by the main road and even have a little convenience store at it's lobby that sells newspapers and stuffs. Right next door there's a vegetarian restaurant and a few doors down, there's a mamak restaurant as well. Definitely won't starve when you stay at this hotel.

Oh...and there's also a Caltex petrol station nearby =D I'm advertising for my Uncle Ling.

Hey...that's the least I can do since my reflexology pampering was on him.

So if anyone is looking for a nice, clean and cheap hotel to stay while in Ipoh, why not try Fresh Hotel.


2, Jalan Mas, Taman Mas,

30200 Falim, Ipoh, Perak

Tel : 05-2862818, 05-2862816

Fax : 05-2862812

A review of the hotel that I found at Minors n Majors

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