Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Lovin' It I borrowed the title from McDs.
But I'm so loving it.

My new shorter hair do, that is.

It took me a few days to get used to seeing myself with shorter hair.
Now...I'm cool with it.

Obviously, there's been quite a few comments since I've gone short.
Most of it are positives.
Nothing really negative yet, the worst prob came from Melaine tonight at dinner.
She said my previous longer hairstyle was sexy -_-
This one just makes me look younger.
Just my luck.
Can't a woman look young and sexy at the same time?

So...I've decided to put together a list of pro and cons of my new shorter hair.

1. Takes less time to style.(There's nothing much I can do with it in the 1st place)
2. Less time is spent shampooing & conditioning my hair.(Saves water too!)
3. Which leads to saving lots on hair shampoo & conditioner.(I'm using Vidal Sassoon which I luv to bits)
4. I look younger.
5. And cuter.
6. Mum says I look smaller.(I disagree...'Cause I was never big! But this is going in Pros anyway =P)

1. Limited choice when it comes to styling.(No up or down dilemma here)
2. Many hair accessories are retiring into storage and never to see sunlight for a long time.
3. Have to get it trimmed every month or so for maintenance.
4. Most important of all...doesn't help on the sexiness level =(

Well well well...more Pros than Cons =D

I am really loving it. Even when there's so many Cons.

Showed it to Eric and as usual, his reaction leaves much to be desired. new hair nice or not? *shakes head from side to side*
Why cut so short? *looking bored*
I wanted something new *continues shaking head side to side*
It's short.
So do you like it? *shake shake shake*
Have to see in real life first *still looking bored*

Yeah, so until now I don't know what Eric really thinks of my new hairstyle except that it's short.
The least he could say was I am still pretty.
Guess I'll know when he sees me at the end of the month.

Wait...suddenly it hit me.
Lol...I think I know why Eric is not so enthusiastic bout my short hair!
Baby...I promise we'll figure something out.
We just gotta be more creative ;P

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