Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RNC Buffet Steamboat @ Sunway Mentari

This is probably the last time I'm hanging out with friends before I leave Subang.
It was decided that dinner would be at RNC Buffet Steamboat at Sunway Mentari.
It's just next to the Belly Good Restaurant I visited not too long ago.

I went to Sunway earlier and met up with Joverse at her office which was just a stone's throw away from RNC.
We then headed for the empty restaurant to wait for the rest of the gals to arrive.
On hind side, we need not make any reservations at all.
The place was pretty empty till we left at about 9pm.

Empty restaurant.

Ready to eat food. There's fried mee hoon & rice. Sausages, curry chicken and chicken wings.

I only tried 3 of those dishes. The chicken wings are the fav on our table.

All items are refrigerated. We were the first customers of the night so everything is still covered.

Many different kinds of noodles to choose from.

Marinated meat, satay, chicken and fish for barbeque.

Fishes & meat for steamboat.

Many different kinds of clams waiting in ice.

Love the corn. The black fungus is creepy.

Balls...balls....and more balls!

Free flow of orange cordial drinks or Chinese tea.

We started with Herbal & Tom Yum soup.

Nope...the Herbal soup didn't morph into that milky white soup. We actually requested to change the Herbal soup into the very famous Cheese soup. Yup...Cheese.

It's definitely an experience having a Cheese steamboat.
The taste is milky and salty at the same time.
We weren't sure what to put into the soup so that it wouldn't taste weird.
In the end, I even cooked "yee mee" and egg in it =P
It did taste kinda weird.

What was a let down was the lack of mushrooms.
I always have heaps of golden needle mushrooms with my steamboat.
Not as if it's that expensive to buy those mushrooms.
I won't consider going back again unless they serve my favourite mushrooms!

Oh...and they should serve chocolate flavoured ice cream.
Even if it's cheap ice-cream, chocolate is a must-have.

Since there are so many steamboat restaurants in Sunway itself, no doubt the competition is tough.
Prices are really reasonable at about RM20 per pax at whichever restaurant you choose.
We'll probably try another steamboat restaurant the next time.
The one next door seems to be packed.
Wonder what's special there.
Hopefully not another cheese steamboat.

After stuffing ourselves with too much food, we headed to Pyramid.
Amanda, Regina & I ended up in Republic for drinks.
Non-alcoholic juices.
Man...are getting old or what?

Visit RNC Buffet Steamboat website
here for more info.

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