Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Counting Down Again

In about a week's time, I'll be flying again.
Have been going back and forth for the past year since I quit my job at Mlog.
How fast does time past?
I've been unemployed for almost 1 year. 11 months to be exact.
I still keep in touch with friends I made while in Maersk.
Some of them are still there, some are not.
I don't know exactly how I feel after being out of the workforce for so long.
I've had my fair amount of unsavoury comments related to my jobless status.
It sux.
But I made this decision.
Even if I don't have a striving career, I have a husband who loves & cherish me.
When I'm 80 years old, I would still have my husband to love & cherish me.
Would you still have your career?
Everyone live their life their own way.
At the end, you live with the consequences.

I just found out a friend is having a baby.
His girlfriend is 3 months pregnant.
It's so common for couples to be expecting a baby before marriage.
I guess it's 'cause we're already in our late 20's.
As long as they can keep the baby healthy and happy, it's a happy occasion.

I hope we can have a baby soon too.
But you know what they say.
The more you want it, the more you're not getting it.
Life can be such a bitch sometimes.

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