Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ain't an April's Fool Joke

I haven't been blogging for some time now.
There's a couple of reasons why.

Firstly, we took a short trip to Guangzhou.
And secondly, I was admitted into the Kiang Wu hospital in Macau.
On April's Fool Day -_-

It was about 4am when the right side of my body started to hurt.
I was burning up with a fever as well.
Then I woke Eric up.
He probably thought it was an April's Fool joke 'cause he didn't look really alarmed at first.
Eventhough he wanted to take me to the hospital then, I refused.
Stupid of me.
Okay...I was a fool.
'Cause I tried to sleep and by 8am, I couldn't even stand up straight anymore.
Then we went to the hospital.
The stupid cab we hailed even took his own sweet time to get there.

Needless to say, I ended up in the emergency ward.
I was shivering so badly eventhough I wore leggings under my jeans, long sleeve tee with a long winter jacket, thick socks and was covered with the hospital's thick blanket.

Some urine test, blood test & ultrasound later, I was diagnosed with a kidney infection.
Obviously I had to be warded.
And started a marathon of drips.

That's my patient tag. It's so funny, no one in the hospital addressed me by my name Tracy. Not the nurse, not the doc & not even the person who delivered my food. They will always ask me what's my name instead. Made me feel as if they're checking if I somehow had amnesia as well!

My left hand with the needle having a rest after bottles of drips. It's bandaged up like this all ready for the next bottle.

As each needle can only be used for 3 days, my right hand then got the honour. I was still pretty mobile and not too uncomfortable when the needle was is my left hand. But when it was inserted at this angle in my right hand, it hurts all the time and there was no way I could relax my hand. Not too mention it was tedious going to the toilet.

View from my bed.

In this Macau's hospital, receipts, consent form, test results & even doctor's name are all given in Chinese. We have to request for all the above to be in English.
Even paying a little extra for it to be translated.

The nurses only converses in Cantonese.
I'm lucky the Doctors that came for consultation spoke English, though not so fluently, I'm still glad they could!

Staying in the hospital was so boring.
The nurses check up on you all the time as well.
Especially at night, to make sure you're in bed and not sneaking around.
I was even reminded to go to sleep when they caught me watching tv at 1am =P

Despite the language barrier (it's not like ordering food where you don't have to really understand what the waitress is saying, in the hospital, it's very very important to know exactly what the Doc is saying), the name comedy & curfew, all the nurses, Docs and even helpers are really friendly.
They tried their best to accommodate me and my half baked Cantonese and illiteracy in reading Chinese.

My 1st time being a hospital in-patient. Definitely memorable.

And I'm bloody(no pun intended) glad to be recovering.

P.s : Pics in this post was taken using my new sexy Nokia E71


Baby said...

Oh my! What happen to you? How did you get the infection? Hope you'll get well soon.. Shocked to read.. Better take care, kidney infection can be extremely serious.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy,

Speedy recovery and get lotsa rest and eat/drink well.

Quite shocked to read about this...

Oh yeah, cool phone too ;)


Tracy said...

Thanks for the well wishes gals.

I'm feeling well now... desperately craving for sinful foods *salivate* =P

Angel Goh said...

Take care , tracy ... Have a speedy recovery ...

Jen said...

Get well soon Tracy =)

Jen Soo

Regina said...

Sorry girl, have been working late the few days, did not get the chance to surf.
You alright? Gosh... :S
Take care of yourself k?

Tracy said...

No worries =D
I'm up and about and back to having supper =P

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