Friday, April 17, 2009

Feeling Lazy

Since the hospitalization, I've been kinda lazy.
Haven't been doing much lately except to eat, sleep and watching movies.
Maybe it's the medication I'm on.
Maybe it's just me being super lazy.
Not as if I've got much to do here either.

The weather in Macau is starting to get kinda erratic.
One minute it's sunny and hot.
The next minute, it's raining cats and dogs.
Never leave the apartment without an umbrella.
I've learnt my lesson the hard way.

I've also not been doing any cross stitching.
Totally not in the mood.
No knitting as well.
It feels kinda weird to be knitting when the weather is warm.

Somehow, I've been feeling like a yoyo lately.
Up and down, over and under.
Weird thoughts went through my mind.
My imagination went into overdrive as usual.
Thank goodness a good friend knocked some sense into me before it's too late.
I can be over dramatic at times.
And complicated.
Makes me wonder if Eric thinks he married a nutcase.

The highlight of the week is probably our midnight trip to the beach.
Hac Sa (Black Sand) beach is on Coloane Island and it cost MOP100 one way from the peninsula island where we live.
It was fun watching Eric and his friends play football and basketball while I munch away on Pringles.
It was even funnier when Eric woke up the next day with his muscle aching all over =P

What was not so funny was me being attack by ants.
Yup, I got bitten by dozens angry red ants.
Okay...maybe not dozens, but there were many.
My feet was so swollen from the bites =(
It's still freaking itchy now...and my feet looks kinda ugly with the bite marks all over it.
Being bitten by ants and mosquitoes are one of my biggest fears.
'Cause I have bad skin reactions to them.
The normal sequence would be...
Bite -> Red -> Swell -> Itch -> Scar
And it takes such a long long long time to heal completely.

God...I can't stop scratching now.
It's such pure pleasure to scratch the itch.
But I think I'm going to draw blood soon if I don't stop scratching.
Eric forbids me scratching the ant bites, but I CAN'T FREAKING STOP!
Plus...he's he can't see me scratch =P

Btw, Mopiko doesn't help at all.


Baby said...

tried calamine lotion? it helps especially when you need to sleep.

Tracy said...

Calamine won't work unfortunately =(

Angel said...

"Makes me wonder if Eric thinks he married a nutcase."
hmmm interesting..coz for's like this:
"Makes me wonder why on earth E married a nutcase like me"

Tracy said...

Lol...maybe he didn't know he was marrying a nutcase and only realized that when there's no turning back? =P

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